An Altar at Gath

Via Joseph Lauer-

The nicely illustrated posting, entitled “The news is out! A large stone altar in Area D”, discusses the discovery of “a beautiful horned stone altar! The altar, made of one block of stone (50X50X100 cm) has two horns (not 4!) and a very nicely carved cornice on three sides. It is placed within a large structure which might be a temple (but it is too early to be sure).” The posting is at

In addition, at David Willner writes about the discovery and posts some additional pictures of the altar and informs that he and Barnea Levi Selavan will broadcast on their LandMinds show on Wednesday, July 27, an interview with Dr. Maeir. (“Tune in to the LandMinds show on Wednesday July 27th to hear Prof. Maier discuss this important find. Or you can download the podcast right here on the Foundation Stone website after the show airs.”) (“(July 27, 2011) It’s Road Trip season as we head out to some fantastic archaeological digs! On this weeks show, we’ll have a shmooze, some more interviews from Tel Acco (Tel Acco Road Trip Part III), and an exclusive interview with Prof. Aren Maier and his new find – an altar from the 9th century BCE at Tel es Safi (Gat of the Philistines).”) See

David Willner also writes, “Finally, if you really need more on this emerging story, I’m posting a short interview with Amit Dagan (the area supervisor of the find) here– it’s in Hebrew.” David Willner and Barnea Levi Selavan are co-hosts of the LandMinds show on Israel National News, airing Wednesdays from 5-7 pm Israel time [10 am – 12 noon Eastern USA time]. You can contact them at

There are a few more photos of the discovery on Aren’s blog.  Fascinating!

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