It’s Too Late for Rallies: The Church has Lost the Culture War

We lost on abortion, we lost on school prayer, and we lost on gay marriage.  Now it is simply a matter of time before gay marriage is a nationwide reality, just like abortion is and just like the refusal to allow teachers to lead kids in prayer at the opening of the school day.

So ‘rallying’ won’t help.  It. Just. Won’t.  The die has been cast.  The Church went to sleep in the 60’s (with the ‘sexual revolution’) and for the most part still is slumbering.  The few voices that have been crying in the wilderness calling for revival and renewal have been silenced by the ‘Christians’ (in name only) urging cultural acquiescence and the society at large calling for ‘freedom and tolerance’ (of every deviance).

By our (and by our, I mean Christianity’s) silence and collusion on issues clearly bearing on society and theology and their intersection, we have made our bed and now we get to lie in it and there’s nothing more to be done except await the inevitable.

Once more, this invaluable citation comes to mind-

Jeremiah, don’t pray for these people. Don’t cry or pray for them. I won’t listen when they call to me for help in times of trouble.  (Jer 11:4).

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