Gentile Inanity

Scott has attempted several times to point out the intellectual dishonesty of Peter Kirk and here he does so again, with sufficient vigor, one would hope, to show any fair minded and honest person that Kirk is simply a dilettante of the first order when it comes to theology. Kirk is incapable of rational argument and incessantly retreats behind a veil of threats of suing people whenever he is called to give a reason as to why he so loves the heretic and false teacher Todd Bentley.

Kirk loves Bentley because, like Bentley, he doesn’t know the Bible, doesn’t know Church History, doesn’t know theology, and doesn’t know sanity or the Holy Spirit.

At the end of the day, deceived people follow deceivers because they wish to be deceived. Kirk follows Bentley, defends Bentley, and will always do so no matter how clearly Scott, or anyone else, proves to him the error of his ways, because he loves being a Montanist, a heretic.

Peter is, it has to be admitted by all who know him, invincibly ignorant. Invincibly. And he likes it that way.

Recently, Peter Kirk has authored a few posts in which he uses all of his ‘intellect’ to critique me. In one of his posts he concludes by writing, There is another ology involved here which I cannot recommend for serious study, although sometimes it is good for a laugh: Scotteriology. I was going to write some sort of rebuttal to Peter’s ‘wisdom’ but really: what’s the point? What am I dealing with? Let’s just take a peek at Peter’s first comment … Read More

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