The Norway Bomber is a Christian Fundamentalist: Anders Behring Breivik

As Stuart says, Oh Lord, No!  Now, sadly, thanks to this right wing ‘Christian’ (but he’s not) fundamentalist (are there left wing Christian fundamentalists?) we can no longer claim that our fundamentalists are so very different from Muslim radicals.

You can go here and learn more about the maniac than you ever wanted to know.

What a horrific tragedy for Norway.  But what’s even more disturbing is that there are doubtless thousands and thousands of these kind of depraved evil-thinkers potentially planning the same kinds of things all around the world.

Indeed, if Norway is subject to such persons, you can well imagine that the U.S. has even more of them.  It’s truly frightening.

17 thoughts on “The Norway Bomber is a Christian Fundamentalist: Anders Behring Breivik

  1. I’m pretty sure he is a ‘Christian’ because its part of his whole ultra nationalist, lets be traditional and keep all our distinctive marks. The BNP in Britain try the same thing, setting up their ‘council of churches’, but, of course, no churches join, and I don’t think the BNP are active church goers. Its just part of their need to have a identity separate to those they hate- the lefties, the immigrants, the muslims, so they appropriate the Christian label.


  2. Jim in reality I think Phelps and his gang are just as dangerous as this loony…and are not far from doing this type of thing….I wonder if this bomber was tied into that other end time fellow and decided to start his own Armageddon


  3. There is a huge difference. Christian “fundamentalists” (frankly, a vague term that is usually used to poison the well) believe the Bible. Islamic radicals believe the “holy” writings. The Bible teaches loving your enemies, Muslim teachings say to kill your enemies, lie to them &c. If this guy is indeed a Fundamentalist, and this is just preliminary stages, he is not following Biblical teachings.


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  6. Nor is he a Fundamentalist.
    That term has been stolen and twisted for the purpose of poisoning the well, as already mentioned.
    If he were truly a Fundamentalist he would believe the Scriptures and seek to obey them. It is the same with Phelps, et al.
    Sadly, I think the term “Fundamentalist” will never be recovered and given its correct usage. That is sad, as folk such as Machen, Warfield, Torrey, and Thomas Spurgeon deserve better.


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  11. The difference between a (so-called) “Christian fundamentalist” terrorist and a Muslim fundamentalist terrorist is not really between them – they are fairly similar – but between the responses of the Christian and Muslim communities. Most of the Christian community abhors what Breivik has done and see his actions as un-Christian, while much (if not most) of the Muslim community does not abhor what Bin Laden and his ilk have done and do not see those actions as un-Muslim


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