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The United States Congress: An Observation

Our Congress is populated by idiots.

Integrating Google+ into your WordPress Blog

Mashable has the info.  With thanks to Stuart for mentioning it (though of course it only works for wordpress.org blogs and not wordpress.com).

Continuous Updates of the Oslo Attacks

Slate‘s doing a ‘live blog’ of the terrorist attack in Norway.  Most distressingly

A witness has told Reuters that he saw at least 20 dead at the youth camp. Police have declined to comment on the report.

If true, utterly unspeakable.  Check the link above for all the most recent information.


Norway has to be one of the most peaceful, peace loving countries in the world.  So whoever attacked Oslo and other targets there today acted as despicably as any person or persons can.

A big bomb damaged Norway’s main government building in the capital Oslo on Friday and police said seven people were killed and two badly wounded. There was no claim of responsibility.  Shortly afterwards, reports in local media came through of a shooting incident at Utoeya, an island south of Oslo where Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg’s Labour party youth section’s yearly gathering was taking place. Daily newspaper VG said on its website a man dressed as a policeman was shooting wildly and had hit many people.TV2 said several people were killed. Bombings in city centers and marauding guns attacks are both tactics that have been used by Islamist militant gangs in recent years, mostly notably by al Qaeda-aligned guerrilla groups in Asia.  But in one unconfirmed report, the London-based Exclusive Analysis risk consultancy said the man in the shooting incident apparently infiltrated the party gathering on the pretence that he had been sent by the police as a security measure in the wake of the Oslo explosion.

Violence is so senseless.  Such attacks prove only one thing:  Total depravity.

There’s Something Delightful About Putting your Friends in Circles (a la Google +)

via some guy on Google+

If You REALLY Can’t Stand Them, DON’T Vote for them Again and Keep Returning them to Office!

CNN reports

President Obama’s approval rating falls to 45%, driven in part by dissatisfaction from the left with Obama’s track record, a new CNN/ORC International poll released today suggests.

The new poll shows that 38% disapprove of Obama because he has been too liberal, but 13% percent say he has not been liberal enough, nearly double those who felt that way in May. His approval rating among liberals is at 71%, an all-time low for his presidency. Overall, those who disapprove of Obama is at 54%, tying an all-time low hit just before November’s midterm elections.

Poll respondents’ negative opinions weren’t reserved just for the president, though — 55% of all Americans have an unfavorable view of the Republican Party, a 7-point increase since March. And only 37% feel the GOP’s policies would move the country in the right direction, a 9-point drop since the start of the year.

If so many people are sick of politicians and their lies, why will they inevitably vote for the same deceivers over and over again?

Who Wrote the Book of Hebrews? (via Scotteriology)

Todd Bentley

Deceiver, Liar, and Heretic

Scott’s post is great. It proves to any reasonable person that Todd Bentley is a heretic. So how is it, then, that Peter Kirk (of ‘Gentle Wisdom’ infamy) continues to support Bentley?

Or put another way, and more broadly, how can anyone, anywhere, who denominates him or her self as a Christian, stand behind a self evident liar and deceiver? Every word of support which Kirk and others offer Bentley are words supporting evil.

So will PK denounce Bentley as must be done by all honest Christian theologians, or will he hum, haw, and equivocate thus demonstrating himself to be a heretic of equal degree to Bentley?

We shall, I suppose, see soon enough.

There is a question that has long plagued scholars concerning the book of Hebrews: who was its author? In determining an answer the methodology usually boils down to comparing the book to other known works or analyzing the internal evidence. Based on these observations “The idea of Pauline authorship of Hebrews is now almost universally abandoned.”[1] Obviously, if the idea of Pauline authorship has been abandoned then the logical following quest … Read More

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Leave Your Gun Lying Around. What Could Go Wrong?

A four-year-old boy has died after accidentally shooting himself with a gun he found in a liquor store.  Ash Wimbley, of Cedar Lake, Indiana, was found around 10:15 a.m. Thursday inside of Tubby’s Wine and Spirits in Beecher, Illinois. According to the Chicago Tribune, he found a loaded shotgun behind the store counter and shot himself in the head with it unintentionally.  He was rushed to the St. James Hospital and Health Centers in Chicago Heights, Illinois, the Associated Press reports, but was pronounced dead there later that afternoon.

So go ahead, NRA-lovers and advocates of the ‘everybody deserves to carry a gun wherever they want and it’s our God given right and you can’t tell us otherwise’ folk, leave your guns lying around.  Perhaps, to your dismay and horror, it will be your own child that’s killed one day and maybe, just maybe then you might give a rip.

A Very Fine Multi-Volume Theology of the New Testament…

Which you may not know of, but should.  By that luminary Ulrich Wilckens-

Ulrich Wilckens, geb. 1928, Dr. theol., ist emeritierter Professor für Neues Testament an der Evangelisch-Theologischen Fakultät der Universität Hamburg, 1981-1992 Bischof der Nordelbischen Evangelisch-Lutherischen Kirche.

Nationalism and Superheroes

An interesting piece on the birth of the superhero and its connection to American nationalism at the cusp of World War II.

"Captain America: The First Avenger" Meets "Captain America and the Crusade against Evil" It should come as no surprise in this season of Hollywood blockbusters to hear that superheroes are hot stuff. This year alone, movies have come out about the X-Men, the Green Lantern, the Green Hornet, and Thor. (Let us know if we’ve missed one.) San Diego’s annual Comic Con (which started yesterday) is sold out. Opening today is the latest cinematic addition to this crowded genre: Captain America: The First Avenger. Less often talked about, tho … Read More

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Another Pagan Anglican Priest

This guy should be removed from his office today. Not because of his acts but because of his words. Any priest who states that the God of the Bible is wicked and perverse has no business being a priest. Let him join the tribe of angry atheist ex Christians. But kick him out of the Church first.

To allow him to remain in the priesthood is a travesty and an injustice.

Rector Burns Bible Pages   What a wicked man! The Church in Wales says it is investigating after a Gwynedd rector burnt some pages from the Bible. The Reverend Geraint ap Iorwerth of St Peter ad Vincula Church, Pennal, also cut up pages from the King James Bible to create an artwork. Unveiling it at a church event, he said it revealed a “cruel and vile God”. The Bishop of Bangor said: “Destroying parts of the Bible we don’t like is disrespectful and will offend many … Read More

via Fr Stephen’s Blog

And Yet Still Another Warning! (Because It’s Warning Day)

From the same BBC News video just mentioned.  I love the Brits.  They’re SO cautious!

And Yet Another Warning!

This cracks me up!

Via Alastair on the Google+ where he points to this fun little BBC news video.  You should watch it.  It explains why the world is doomed really.

A Warning

With thanks to Mark Stevens on the Facebook for the tip.

Palestinian Archaeology: The Excavation at Shechem

The digging season wrapped up this week at the site, known locally as Tel Balata.  The city of Shekhem, positioned in a pass between the mountains of Gerizim and Eibal and controlling the Askar Plains to the east, was an important regional center more than 3,500 years ago. As the existing remains show, it lay within fortifications of massive stones, was entered through monumental gates and centered on a temple with walls five yards (meters) thick.


The project, carried out under the auspices of the Palestinian Department of Antiquities, also aims to introduce the Palestinians of Nablus, who have been beset for much of the past decade by bloodshed and isolation, to the wealth of antiquities in the middle of their city. “The local population has started very well to understand the value of the site, not only the historical value, but also the value for their own identity,” said Gerrit van der Kooij of Leiden University in the Netherlands, who co-directs the dig team.

There’s more, and it’s a nice little article.

It Was ‘Take Your Chickens to Wal-Mart Day’ in Kentucky

But something went horribly wrong

Police in Kentucky say 12 chickens were left in a hot car while their owners went shopping at Walmart.  One of the chickens died and the others were taken to a shelter after someone reported they’d been left in the car for about 30 minutes, according to WKYT-TV in Lexington.

I hope the ‘shelter’ was KFC.  Only in KY would people take their chickens with ’em when they went to the wal-mart…

The Z.R. Daily Experiment Concluded

The Z.R. Daily has been closed simply because the service provided by paper.li was inadequate.  Updates didn’t occur on schedule (and indeed, though they were to appear daily at 8 a.m. they just didn’t) and there’s no point in having a daily when it’s sporadic instead.

It’s a great concept and I hope they get all the kinks worked out at some point.

The Latest Evasion

Why did you ruthlessly murder your parents? ‘Because I suffer battered child syndrome’.

The Tyler Hadley case is unthinkable, a 17-year-old teen who police say is accused of killing his parents with a hammer, and then throwing a party. It turns out another Treasure Coast teen, Jacob Brighton who confessed to killing his parents, goes to trial next month.

19-year-old Jacob Brighton was only 16-years-old when police say he shot and killed his parents in their Ft. Pierce home in August 2007.

According to his attorney Darren Shull, when Jacob goes to trial next month, the defense will use a battered child syndrome defense, arguing that he shot and killed his parents to put a stop to the physical and sexual abuse he endured at home that started when he was only 8-years-old.

In spite of any such defense the fact remains that murder is murder.  Besides, with the supposed abusers dead, where’s the evidence besides in the claims of a killer.  If a person will kill, a person will lie.

Justifiable homicide? Such a beast only exists if one is killing to protect another. Murderers are murderers in fact while their attackers remain only murderers in potential.

Personal responsibility matters. Evading that responsibility chips away at the very essence of what it means to be a human being.