If You Wonder What a ‘Sycophant’ is, Just Look at Bill O’Reilly

He is the perfect example of exactly what a sycophant is: he blindly follows his master incapable of considering any evidence which may cast a shadow across his lord’s face.  O’Reilly, you see, isn’t accusing Murdoch his master of any wrongdoing.  Quite the contrary: those who are pointing out the sins of News Corp. are the bad guys.

Bill, you’re a sycophant.  Just make confession and admit it to the world.  You might as well, everyone knows it (but you, apparently).

O’Reilly is just the latest News Corp employee to defend his employer. Fellow Fox News colleague Steve Doocy dismissed the scandal outright last week, and the Wall Street Journal issued a scathing rebuttal to the company’s critics in a Monday editorial.

No, actually Bill, you’re worse.  You and your friend Doocy and the WSJ are just brown-noser suck-ups.  And even more- you’re the sort who would sell your soul to the devil for a dollar.  And look, you really have!

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