The Strange Embrace: Jews and Christian Zionists

It’s passing odd that Jews and Christian Zionists appear to see one another as allies. Nothing could be further from the truth. Christian Zionists merely see Jews as a means to an end; in the same way that some Jews see Christian Zionists as a means to an end.

Christian Zionists are interested in Jews only as they will be, in their lostness, food for the birds of the air at the great slaughter of Armageddon, ushering in their concept of the 1000 year reign of Christ.

Jews see Christian Zionists as supporters of the modern state of Israel. Indeed, as diehard supporters for the support of an “Anything Israel does is good and all the land belongs to the Jews” mentality.

These two groups, which wouldn’t so much as agree on any theological point only agree on one thing: Israel is always right. But their reasons for that agreement are diametrically opposed. The Christian Zionists can’t wait till all the unbelieving Jews are slaughtered and the Zionists can’t wait to gain unwavering support and financial assistance from their daft Christian counterparts.

If ever in the history of humanity there has been a dysfunctional relationship, it is that between the Christian Zionists and the Jewish ones. It’s the sort of codependency which inevitably results in the sickest sorts of behaviors.

Furthermore, and finally, from a Christian point of view, Christian Zionism is a heresy. Why? Because it deceives or attempts to deceive people into believing that God loves one group more than he loves the world. This is nothing but a lie, born in the pits of hell. Even a cursory knowledge of the New Testament shows that ‘God so loved the WORLD…’ He doesn’t just love the Jews and he doesn’t love them to the exclusion of or harm towards others (like the Palestinians, whom the Christian Zionists would love to see exterminated so that Israel can have every square inch of the land it perceives itself to ‘own’).

Christianity, true Christianity, and Christian Zionism have as little in common as Christianity has with Islam or Montanism.

2 thoughts on “The Strange Embrace: Jews and Christian Zionists

  1. Christian Zionists, though, are focused on the material world.

    By taking their eyes off the spiritual realities, they’re fine with Jews as non-Christians, because they become useful for the material goal.

    As you say, heresy.


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