Archaeology by Speculation

Well this is indeed more than a little despair-provoking: Haaretz is running a headline titled

Second Temple artifacts may be buried under Ein Karem toilet

Now archaeology in Israel is being reduced to nothing but speculation. There ‘may’ be ancient crowns with jewels in them and there ‘may’ be a complete ancient chariot buried under some splotch in Jerusalem too but there’s not a fragment of such things actually found. Nevertheless, certain segments of society no longer require actual evidence. Speculation about what ‘may’ be there is sufficient to generate news.


Neighborhood residents are convinced the bathroom-cum-toolshed, which they call “the monster,” was just a pretext for building an edifice that would some day serve as a restaurant.

And that might make discovering the ancient artifacts impossible so of course nothing should be constructed which might obscure any potential imaginary something??

This is just sad.

Have the Tourism Ministry and the Jerusalem municipality buried treasures from the Second Temple under a giant lavatory? That possibility is just one of the problems cited by opponents of a plan to improve a spring in the city’s Ein Karem neighborhood, at one of Israel’s most important Christian tourism sites.

Good grief. Archaeology by speculation: it’s the newest methodology used by those who use archaeology as a political tool.


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