Belgium’s Burqa Ban

Belgium will enforce a burqa ban from July 23 with a fine and possible jail time for women who wear it, joining France as the second EU nation to forbid full veils, Belgian media said Thursday.  The new law was published Wednesday in the kingdom’s official journal after deputies approved it unanimously in parliament in April.  Offenders will face a fine of 137.50 euros ($195) and up to seven days behind bars. An estimated 270 people wear the face-covering niqab or the full-body burqa in Belgium.  France−home to Europe’s biggest Muslim population — became the first European Union country to ban the burqa on April 11.

Nothing says xenophobia quite like intrusion into religious practice.  And in Europe, paranoia and fear reign supreme.  Every Muslim is an enemy and every veiled woman a secret bomber…

4 thoughts on “Belgium’s Burqa Ban

  1. Problem is, too many of them actually are.

    You don’t know who or what is under that burqa. It’s a security risk even in non-Muslim lands.

    Wearing the burqa in a non-Muslim country or territory has nothing to do with modesty. Modesty is all about not attracting undue attention. The burqa is all about confrontation.

    Aussie Ban the Burqa Day: July 18, 2011


  2. In the state of New South Wales (Australia) we recently had a problem with a muslim woman who got acquitted of a crime because the police couldn’t prove who she was due to her covered face. The law is being changed for this reason in this state, but only for the police
    But that still leaves the problem – anyone – female muslim, as well as males and females of any religion or none – can dress up in a “religious” covering that covers the face and walk into any bank, liqour store, pharmacy, or whatever, commit a robbery, and nobody who witnessed a crime can identify the criminal


    • ok i could buy the ‘its used to cover up a criminals face’ argument IF, and ONLY IF the state also bans ski masks and paper bags. any call down there for such a law? didn’t think so.


  3. In Australia most banks on the door have a sign that requires people to remove full face helmets so that their face may be seen but don’t have the same sign for ski masks and paper bags. The reason for this apparent difference: if somebody walks into a bank with a ski mask or paperbag they stand out as out of place and people are alert to people who are out of place whereas the full face helmet might belong to a motorcycle courier and people pay no attention – until a gun is pointed at them. Burkas, if accepted as not being out of place, provide the perfect cover as they cover up all facial features.
    If as a “religious practice” muslim women want to wear a burka, they should feel free to do so in their own home, but in public burkas should be banned. Unfortunately they won’t be banned (at least for now) because politicians are too PC and worry about loosing votes


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