This is What Indifference Does

The tragic story of Christian Choate, the Gary, Indiana boy who was allegedly locked in a cage, beaten and ultimately killed by his father and stepmother, was apparently known to several family members, neighbors and others.  But almost all of the at least 13 people who knew about Choate’s abuse didn’t report it to authorities, out of either apathy, uncertainty, or fear of retribution, according to a new report in the Northwest Indiana Times.  Riley Choate, Christian’s father, and Kimberly Kubina, his stepmother, are charged with murder and several other felonies after the boy’s body was discovered in a shallow concrete grave earlier this year. According to authorities, the two kept Christian locked in a dog cage, fed him infrequently, and beat him regularly for the last year of his life. One such beating apparently took his life on April 4, 2009.

Why didn’t people who knew do something?  I just don’t get it.  Didn’t they care?  I don’t understand people who stand by silently while evil is committed.  How do they sleep at night knowing they are guilty along with the people who commit the heinous act.  I don’t get it…  I hope I never do.

2 thoughts on “This is What Indifference Does

  1. MK @ Teach Sunday School

    I feel sick when I hear about situations such as Christian Choate’s, especially since people admitted that they knew he was being abused. It’s our responsibility as adults to protect and help those that can’t protect and help themselves—like Christian. All I can hope is that Christian is able to rest in peace now.


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