19 comments on “Confession: @PastorMark- I Cry At Movies

  1. For the record, I thought Stepmom was a terrible movie: irredeemibly saccharine and cloyingly produced, with a very annoying Susan Sarandon (whom I normally like). As for Passion of the Christ, I fail to see where the anti-semitism lies. Someone help me out with this one. Not many liberties were taken with the gospels, to my knowledge.

    Putting that aside, I find Driscoll’s comment sexist, Piper’s just plain stupid. I don’t think Piper was quite going for the effect he got, he just didn’t think it through. Doesn’t make it any more acceptable, however.

    But it must be said Jim, that I fail to see how your exclusionary definition of a biblioblogger differs substantially from Driscoll’s definition of a bad pastor, once you remove the contemptuous nature of Driscoll’s invokation…

    • what? you still dont get it? i said, clearly, that my sentiments were reflected in the bracketed material. what’s missing?

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  3. I didn’t check your reply to that other post before writing the previous comment for this one. I read it and no, I still don’t it. The bracketed material says the word “biblioblogger” is meaningless now, in your eyes, yet you go by your own definition, which excludes women. Why? That’s what was missing.

    But what of the Passion of the Christ? What were your issues with that film?

  4. I meant to say in the second sentence, “no, I still don’t get it.” By accident, I left out the word “get” earlier. Sorry for the error. My point is that I fail to understand why you would not recognize someone who is a woman and blogs about the Bible as a biblioblogger.

  5. There is no need to resort to childish flaming. You don’t see me pounding the keyboard in caps and screaming after a staggering two followup comments asking for simple clarification, one of which was to correct an error I made. I would just email you about this, because I don’t get why you’re confused about my confusion, but I don’t see your email address anywhere. I’m also not sure you could respond with losing your temper again.

    • i didnt flame or act childish. i yelled because, apparently, you’re a tad hard of hearing (reading). no one else has missed the point so the only pertinent question is, why have you?

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