Total Depravity: The Drunk, and Speeding, American ‘Evangelist’ (But Actually Heretic)

From the Australian Telegraph:

A VISITING American evangelist who claims healing powers has walked from a NSW court without even a fine despite driving 110km blind drunk and crashing into a parked car.  Self-claimed “prophet of God” Jason Hooper – touring with Hillsong protege Ben Hughes – declared God had forgiven him for his double-shot whisky binge that ended in a mangled wreck on the Mid North Coast.  …Police revealed Hooper had allegedly been drinking double shots of scotch before driving his rented Commodore to drive to Coffs Harbour. At 4pm, he slammed into the parked Hyundai on the Pacific Hwy, Macksville.

God may have forgiven him but the Aussies ought to have imprisoned him.  These people who think they can get away with murder just because they babble some feigned prayer of repentance are a blot on true faith.  Via, where more details are to be found.


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