It’s Outrageous What Westminster Abbey Have Done

Though the Abbey had agreed to host the Sheffield KJV Project display during the upcoming International meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature, they have now, virtually at the last minute, backed out!  Leaving the Project in the lurch and desperately seeking an alternative.

And why have they backed out?  To allow pictures of the Royal Wedding to remain on display a bit longer…  Sad.  Outrageous really!

So, please, if you’re within walking distance from SE1 (Waterloo) or Strand, and open to the public, and willing to allow the Project to have panels which are foamboard and measure 100 x 70cm and 14 in number ‘hung’ using velcro dots or suspended from wire or attached directly to a wall with suitable adhesive please contact the Project right away!

And if you’re in London, perhaps you can help get the word out as well?

UPDATE:  A possible positive development:  We have possible venue: St Brides.  Now need stands or equiv to support foamboard panels. Help!

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