I Knew Bachmann Would Be a Delight!

And she’s already delivering!

On “Fox News Sunday,” Michele Bachmann told Chris Wallace, “Of course a person has to be careful with statements that they make. I think that’s true.” Two days later, she may have wished she had followed her own advice a bit more closely. After her presidential campaign kickoff, Bachmann stepped into a cultural joke mindfield [sic- apparently WaPo editors don’t know it’s ‘minefield’] by comparing herself to John Wayne of Waterloo, Iowa. The only John Wayne that ever lived in Waterloo was the serial killer John Wayne Gacy.

It’s almost as though the Republicans run the absolutely ignorant and no one else is allowed to try.

2 thoughts on “I Knew Bachmann Would Be a Delight!

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  2. don’t forget that obama makes gaffes, including the number of states. He once screwed that up. The point is, its a goof not necessarily a real reflection of intelligence.


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