What to do When People Lie About You?

Huldrych Zwingli was no stranger to being the victim of falsehoods hurled.  So, after enduring a good bit of it in the middle of 1524 he wrote, on June 25th, his Eine Unterrichtung wie man sich vor Lügen hüten soll.

The opponents of Reform had taken to spreading all kinds of falsehoods and here Zwingli spells out, once for all, his opinion of such deceptions and the lies his foes were spreading:  He did not deny the importance of the Supper; he did in fact preach Jesus Christ as God’s Crucified Son; and he wasn’t a secret Jew (because of his reliance on the Hebrew Bible instead of the Latin Vulgate for matters of exposition and interpretation).  Nor did he deny the significance of Mary (whom, oddly, Zwingli believed to have been a lifelong virgin).

He asserted as well that those who were spreading lies would be exposed by the Word of God to be the deceivers they were to all the world.

And he closes with a citation from Micah 7:6 (in Latin!) Inimici hominis domestici eius  (a not so subtle dig at his enemies).

3 thoughts on “What to do When People Lie About You?

  1. Geee!My paraphrase says “a man’s enemies are bloggers of his own network”. Fascinating. Hey Jim a quick question, why did zwingli (who was such an astute expository peacher) ever believe that mary was a life long virgin? Thats such a glaring school boy error for a man of his stature.


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