Mazar’s Dating Blasted

Archaeologist Yoni Mizrachi of Emek Shaveh (Common Ground ) – a nonprofit opposing the political use of archaeology – blasts … [Mazar’s Ophel]  project.  “The Ophel excavations revealed a site whose many layers represent almost every period. Regrettably, again the emphasis is placed on a certain period of biblical Jerusalem. It’s a pity that instead of exhibiting a multilayered site that tells the story of the various cultures comprising the city’s past and present, they are once again focusing on the Israeli angle,” says Mizrachi.

As does Israel Finkelstein

Professor Israel Finkelstein of Tel Aviv University, one of the leading archaeologists who downplay the Bible’s importance in understanding archaeology, says Mazar erred in dating the findings.  “As far as I understand, if indeed this is a fortification, the findings indicate it was built in a later stage of the kingdom – after Solomon’s era,” says Finkelstein.

There’s more in a new essay in Ha’aretz which is worth a read.

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