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Huldrcyh Zwingli had written his very long ‘Friendly Exegesis’ to Martin Luther in the Winter of 1527.  Luther’s response was a vitriolic denunciation accusing Zwingli of being of the same ilk as Carlstadt and the other loons.  Zwingli responded with his own cascade of vitriol which was published on the 20th of June, 1527 titled

Das dise wort Jesu Christi, Das ist min lychnam der für üch hingeben wirt, ewigklich den alten eynigen sinn haben werde[n]d … Huldrych Zuinglis Christenlich Antwurt

In it, Zwingli dismantles Luther’s absurd accusations and obliterates his nonsensical interpretation of the Lord’s Supper. Zwingli implied, in fairly clear terms, that Luther’s view verged on idolatry, turning, as it did, man made foodstuffs into the very body of Christ himself!

And most importantly Zwingli argued that ‘is’ in ‘this is my body’ means ‘signifies’ (Zwingli’s word is ‘bedütet’).

Dann nimm war wir stond dar und bringend vil gschriften, darinn ist für bedütet genommen wirt, so stast du glzch dar als ein trunckner pur, der sich der sackpfiffen ouch annimpt und lüderlet aber, das gheiner maaß glich sicht- dann wo stat etwan in der gschrift das wort gott daß es für ein gugger genommen werd?

Luther naturally responded… not exactly charitably.  The problem with his argument, however, was (and remains) its lack of scriptural support.  But I suppose if Marburg couldn’t settle the issue it never will be (meaning only that Luther, along with the Catholics, will continue to be forever wrong).

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