Head-Line of the Day…

Goes to the Washington Post, for this: What happens to Anthony Weiner’s staff?

Why I don’t know, WaPo. What?

The saga of Anthony Weiner is almost over . . . but not quite. Larry Flynt has offered him a job, “Entourage” wants him to make a cameo and pundits are handicapping his marriage’s survival. But the disgraced serial tweeter is, technically, still a member of Congress: Though he announced his resignation Thursday, it doesn’t become official until he submits letters to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and House Speaker John Boehner to be read aloud on the House floor — no sooner than Tuesday. Left behind: His staff, now living in that political limbo that occurs when a member resigns, dies or is expelled from office.

It’s the folk innocent of the matter who always suffer most. Weiner will land a ridiculously high paying gig- but the people out of work because of his smarminess won’t.

1 thought on “Head-Line of the Day…

  1. don’t weep to hard for the staffers. I bet that they will soon find the same or similar kind of work in The District of Corruption, very soon,


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