We’re Not Engaged in Hostilities in Libya?

That’s odd, I thought dropping bombs and the like were hostile actions.

The U.S. military intervention in Libya reaches its 90th day on Sunday. That number is significant, because according to the 1973 War Powers Resolution, Congress must authorize American engagements in hostilities that surpass 90 days. Congress has not formally authorized military operations in Libya, and the White House contends there’s no need to do so. Obama’s position on the War Powers Resolution and Libya was laid out in a 30-page report sent to Congress this week. It’s quite simple, as White House spokesman Jay Carney explained on Friday to a roomful of reporters. “We do not believe, as a legal matter, that our engagement in this mission meets the hostilities threshold set by the War Powers Resolution, and therefore does not apply,” he said.

Oh I see- you can bomb and supply bombs and materials and still go to sleep at night because you aren’t engaged in hostilities. Got it… That’s good to know. Now I can go and be as hostile as I want and if I’m arrested I can just say that my definition of hostility is different than normal people’s. If it’s good enough for the President to do, it’s good enough for everyone.

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