The President of the Southern Baptist Convention Meets with Homosexual Activists

Baptist Press has a report which includes these interesting bits-

A coalition of homosexual leaders and their allies met for more than 30 minutes Tuesday with Southern Baptist Convention President Bryant Wright, with the leaders demanding an apology from the SBC and Wright refusing to budge, saying that Scripture is clear on the issue.   The remarkable meeting — cordial the entire time — took place between the morning and afternoon sessions of the SBC in Wright’s annual meeting office at the Phoenix Convention Center.


“We’re a coalition of groups asking the SBC to acknowledge and apologize for the damage that the convention has done to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people,” Jack McKinney, a heterosexual married man told Wright at the beginning of the meeting. McKinney is a spokesperson for Faith in America and a former Southern Baptist minister. McKinney and the other leaders repeatedly made parallels between racism and a stance against homosexuality. Sixteen years ago to the day, McKinney said, Southern Baptists passed a resolution apologizing for past racism. …  “Obviously, we don’t feel that there can be an apology for teaching sexual purity,” Wright, pastor of Johnson Ferry Baptist Church in Marietta, Ga., said. “As followers of Christ, our only authority for practicing our faith is Scripture, is the Word of God…. As followers of Christ it would be very difficult for us to betray our faith by ignoring what God says about sexual purity.”  The Bible condemns both homosexual sex and heterosexual sex that is outside the bonds of marriage, Wright said.

And as much as some might like to adjust it, Wright’s understanding is correct.  And he was also correct to remark

“When I teach from the pulpit about adultery, I don’t hate adulterers,” Wright said. “Just as we have people attending our local church that are engaging in homosexual activity, we have people attending our church who are engaging in adultery. I don’t hate those people when I speak about adultery. I am just, hopefully, loving them enough to speak the truth about what God desires for the best for that person.”

Quite right.  All of our churches are filled with liars, tax cheats, hypocrites, thieves, adulterers, and probably even some gay folk.  None of them are hated.  All are urged to move closer to Christ and further from sin.

And then most respectfully and non-confrontationally,

“Jesus Christ came to die for all of our sins, whether it’s heterosexual sin or whether it’s homosexual sin…. For a society to come along at this stage in history and all of a sudden say that one of the … areas that Christ has no power” over is “homosexual behavior is really elevating the importance of that behavior above the power of Christ.  “Looking at sexual purity from Scripture, we’re not going to be able to come to common ground. I hope you all would respect that we’re just seeking to follow Jesus.”

Indeed.  Well done.  It would simply be disingenuous for the SBC to apologize for adhering to the clear teaching of Scripture.  We would, at that moment, deny the truth.  That can’t be done even if it means Southern Baptists are viewed unfavorably for it by some corners of society.