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The Bible on Trial: Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

TV special – The Bible on Trial: Beyond a Reasonable Doubt will air across United States this summer. Using the courtroom as a dramatic backdrop, The Bible on Trial examines crucial evidence related to the Bible’s authenticity. Experts in Biblical … Continue reading

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Reconsidering the Concept of Revolutionary Monotheism

Forthcoming this year from Eisenbrauns: In February, 2007, a conference entitled “Reconsidering the Concept of ‘Revolutionary Monotheism’” was convened on the campus of Princeton University. The meeting was unique in that it brought together scholars who were engaged in various … Continue reading

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Michele Bachmann’s Memoirs

File this under the ‘something else I won’t be reading’ category.

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SBC 2011 Annual Meeting Wrapup

Via Baptist Press, such things as It was the lowest-attended annual meeting in 67 years, with just over 4,800 in attendance, but the substance of the meeting led plenty who attended to argue it shouldn’t be judged on numbers. And … Continue reading

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Nick Clegg the Atheist Hypocrite

Christianity is false- except when you want to give your boys an excellent education, and then it’s off with them to Catholic School.  Typical atheist dirtbaggery: denounce faith until it suits you to embrace it. Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime … Continue reading

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Israel is Worried About Cottage Cheese

Apparently even more than they are about Palestinian statehood (which they’ve never mentioned in connection with a Facebook campaign). Using the same social networking tool that has helped to fuel political revolt in the Middle East, more than 60,000 people … Continue reading

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That’s Very, Very Bad

Thanks to Jer Bailey for pointing out this absurd story of insane depravity. Police say there’s a woman stealing from purses in the middle of church services all over the Houston area and some people may not even realize they’ve … Continue reading

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我在这里谈论上帝和宗教改革和圣经。 如果您有任何问题,请询问。

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The Emergent Boozers May be Censored in China…

But I’m not.  And that’s all that really matters anyway, isn’t it.   If you’d like to see if your website or blog is censored in the great People’s Republic, you can find out here. Why am I not prohibited … Continue reading

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An Interesting Poll

Over at ESPN’s SportsNation page in the aftermath of the Vancouver riots-

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The Vancouver Riots: Disturbing Video

So disgraceful.  Here’s video of a guy trying to get looters to stop and for his decency he gets pummeled and left bloodied. Despicable. It’s just a stupid game and the victims of the violence and looting had absolutely nothing to do with … Continue reading

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Bidding Farewell to Congressman Weiner

CNN has just reported Embattled Democratic New York Rep. Anthony Weiner will resign his seat in the House of Representatives, a senior Democratic source says.  Weiner, who represented New York’s 9th District since 1998, admitted earlier this month that he … Continue reading

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What Did Ancient Mesopotamian Sound Like?

Thanks to Jim Aitken for sharing this link on Facebook-  Irving Finkel recites Assyrian. Go to the link and give it a listen.

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Answering Your Letters

Dear Jim, Would you recommend an online bibliographic search tool?  I’ve seen some but I wonder what you would suggest.  Thanks, and thanks for the most entertaining of all the biblioblogs. Terry G. Thanks Terry.  There are actually two bibliographic … Continue reading

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Today with Zwingli: The First War of Kappel

On the 16th of June Huldrych Zwingli was asked by the Zurich city council to write ‘Articles of Peace’ on the basis of which the First Kappel War could be brought to an end.  He did so, in eight brief … Continue reading

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The President of the Southern Baptist Convention Meets with Homosexual Activists

Baptist Press has a report which includes these interesting bits- A coalition of homosexual leaders and their allies met for more than 30 minutes Tuesday with Southern Baptist Convention President Bryant Wright, with the leaders demanding an apology from the … Continue reading

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Colloquium Reminder: God Behaving Badly

David Lamb will be our guest on the Biblical Studies List June 20-27 for a colloquium. Specifically, we will be discussing with David the ideas contained in his newly published volume God Behaving Badly.  We’d love to have you join … Continue reading

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Newt, Go Ahead and Get Out

Your paranoia is showing and there’s just no way in this or any parallel universe that you’re going to be the Republi-can’t nominee.  Your campaign isn’t in shambles because of ABC or the people smart enough to get away from … Continue reading

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Joel Watts, The New Leader of Al-Qaeda?

Oh, no, sorry, apparently not.  It seems that instead of choosing that wicked Joel the wicked al-qaedians have chosen bin Laden’s #2, Ayman Al-Zawahiri to lead their feckless band. He’ll be our next target so it’s probably not the best … Continue reading

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Seven Newly Digitized New Testament Manuscripts, And Other Stuff

According to the British Library A new batch of manuscripts has now been published online, and contains 24 manuscripts ranging in date from the tenth to the nineteenth centuries. They include a group of illustrated medieval manuscripts of the gospels, … Continue reading

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