More from the Annual Meeting of the SBC…

A couple of tweets from overnight demonstrating, to my personal dismay, the ‘cult of personality’ which holds sway at the SBC and in the SBC:

Pastors are apparently lining up to have Rick Warren pray for them?  Why?  Are his prayers somehow more meaningful than those of the average Joe Schmoe pastor?  Can’t these guys get in a room and just pray for each other or do they need Archbishop Warren to do it for them?

Yes, get a book signed by a guy who loves to promote himself or listen to Piper (not Scripture, not the Holy Spirit, Piper).

It’s sad, to me, that so much of what goes on at SBC is the worship and adoration of self declared superstars by their sycophants.  As if the humble pastor at the backwater church whom no one knows and of whom no one has ever heard is less valuable, less meaningful, and less significant than some overweight guy wearing a hideous print shirt who loves to be whatever the polls say he should be.

The SBC needs to do some soul searching concerning its love of celebrity.  It’s a sickness and a disease and at its heart, idolatry.


2 thoughts on “More from the Annual Meeting of the SBC…

  1. Gerard 14 Jun 2011 at 7:35 am

    Lining up to touch the hem of the great man’s cloak!!

    Why not all of them pray for each other in the conference room, or do they think that Warren has some special connection to God? Interesting insight.


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