What’s Wrong With Teens Today?

Can you imagine, in your wildest fits of anger, actually plotting to kidnap and harm another person?  As a teenager?  But that’s exactly what this trio of teen miscreants wanted to do.

Police say a plot to kidnap a Lowcountry student was stopped before it could start.  According to a Goose Creek police report, dark clothes, guns, knives and cable ties were all part of the alleged plot to kidnap the teen, at Stratford High School. One of the teens accused is the one police say told them about the elaborate plan. Three teens are now under arrest, two of them are students at Stratford High.  Terry and Angela Bowden say the plot against their son Taylor began two weeks ago, when his car was vandalized at the high school. At a court hearing last Friday, the Bowdens realized how serious it was.  “We found out they were involved in a conspiracy to kidnap our son and cause him bodily harm,” says Terry Bowden.  According to the police report, 17-year-old Patrick Coxe, and two other juvenile suspects, had collected guns, magazines, knives and cable ties. The report says the teens also had access to a grenade launcher and a shotgun.

I just don’t get it.

The Bowdens say their son’s ex-girlfriend was involved in the kidnapping plot.

Oh now it makes sense.  Angry ex talks three imbeciles into plotting to get even with the fellow.  Loads of teen girls aren’t ‘sugar and spice’ anymore, they’re acid and bile.

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