It’s Neither ‘Elite’ nor a True ‘University’ If it’s Conclusions are Already Decided

An ‘Atheist’ university which styles itself as elite but which, a priori, has already drawn its conclusions on the existence or non-existence of God can’t seriously call itself a university at all.  It’s simply the equivalent of an Islamic School where radicals are radicalized further in a particular viewpoint.

News broke over the weekend of a new private elite university, that will compete with the Oxbridge universities, set up by A. C. Grayling, Richard Dawkins, and other leading lights from the world of atheism and humanism.

Students attending such a ‘school’ won’t be learning to think, they’ll be learning to blindly obey the atheist line.  If it were truly an educational enterprise worthy of the name it would allow students to discuss issues openly and without hindrance and come to their own, well informed decisions.  Anything that Dawkins is involved in is biased in the extreme from the very start.

3 thoughts on “It’s Neither ‘Elite’ nor a True ‘University’ If it’s Conclusions are Already Decided

  1. This may be a tad one-sided. Does Dallas Theological Seminary teach its students to ‘think’? Are the conclusions already decided before a student arrives at a conservative Christian school?

    Dawkins is a biologists and I would fully expect him to teach biology under the auspices of methodological naturalism like most every other biologist in the world despite his ventures into philosophical naturalism outside of the academy.

    In this case you’ve selected the entirely wrong thing to vent your anger at. If you want to know the real crime, as these students will likely get a pretty good education, look at the price tag for that education: it’s outrageous.


    • yup- because the atheists are a whiny lot and if they dont have their way they pick up their marbles and stomp off in search of greener money pastures


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