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David Lamb’s Blog

David, previously mentioned as he’s the author of God Behaving Badly has a new blog (with 2 whole posts!).  Check it out.  The latest one is pretty funny (especially the part where he mentions promoting his book at his son’s … Continue reading

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I Wasn’t Aware that Canada Was home of Christian Zionists Too

I thought Americans were the only one’s blind and foolish enough to worship at the altar of ‘Israel only-ism’ in terms of Mid East policy.  Unfortunately the Canadians go there too and worship at the Bibi grove. At the request … Continue reading

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God Behaving Badly: Is the God of the Old Testament Angry, Sexist and Racist?

The present volume comes for review courtesy of the goodly folk at IVP Academic.  God Behaving Badly, by David Lamb addresses the somewhat common idea these days that God is a bad guy. Lamb’s work is simultaneously witty and touching. … Continue reading

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Chris Tilling Posts Again on Wright…

And in spite of the fact that he likes Wright (I shall always treasure the memory of watching Chris cross the street in San Diego and throwing himself on the ground in front of the Bishop so that his shoe … Continue reading

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Well That’s Certainly a Dissapointment…

Lionel Messi scored one goal and created another Saturday, leading Barcelona to a 3–1 victory over Manchester United and a third Champions League title in six years.  Barcelona dominated play at Wembley with trademark one-touch passing, but the Spanish champions … Continue reading

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Conference Announcement: The Zwingliverein

Zwingliverein Mitgliederversammlung und Vortrag Einladung zur Mitgliederversammlung des Zwinglivereins mit anschliessendem Vortrag. Mitgliederversammlung: Donnerstag, 16. Juni 2011, 17.00 Uhr, Breitinger-Saal des Kulturhauses Helferei, Kirchgasse 13, 8001 Zürich Anschliessend 17:30 Uhr: öffentlicher Vortrag von Dr. Jan-Andrea Bernhard, Pfarrer in Castrisch GR, … Continue reading

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A Little Boy Killed By a Dog: The Story that Never Ends

In spite of these kinds of stories coming around every few months, parents continue to insist on owning dangerous animals. They may as well just put a loaded gun on the kitchen table and see how long it takes for … Continue reading

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Joel Was Ahead for One Day, But Now He’s Not, Again.

Joel sprang ahead for a day. One day. Now he’s back down to #2. When Jeremy posts the official rankings on the 31st it should be interesting (though of course someone will demand a recount!) Me

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You Can Take it When You Rip it From My Cold, Dead Hand


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Minimum Wage Earners are Really Struggling

And though I realize neither the government nor the powerful care- some of us do.  Which is why mentioning this is worth the effort. All night long, Jose Garcia performs his job while surrounded by food — a painful bit … Continue reading

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Joplin is Still Worth Thinking Of

The death toll from the monster tornado last week in Missouri has risen by seven to at least 139, city spokeswoman Lynn Onstot said Saturday. That makes this the deadliest year for tornadoes since 1950, based on an assessment of … Continue reading

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Conference Announcement: For Our South American Colleagues

Airton Jose da Silva announces O Instituto Humanitas Unisinos – IHU está publicando o projeto e a convocação do Congresso Continental de Teologia, a ser realizado, neste Instituto da Unisinos, nos dias 8 a 11 de outubro de 2012.  Leia … Continue reading

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‘Prayer Changes Things’?

No, it doesn’t.  God changes things.  Viewing prayer as the means by which things are changed is to view prayer as nothing more than a ‘magical talisman’.  Such a view has nothing whatsoever to do with the biblical notion of … Continue reading

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Egypt Reclaims a Prize

The University of Leipzig is to lose an ancient Egyptian collection which it bought in 1936 from a Jewish professor, Georg Steindorff, a court ruled Thursday.  A court in Berlin decided that the collection must be handed to the Jewish … Continue reading

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Sad News: D.R. ap-Thomas Has Died

From the SOTS Secretary- D R ap-Thomas, a former President of SOTS (1974) and its oldest surviving member, died on May 19th; his funeral took place today (May 27) – the day before he would have celebrated his 99th birthday. … Continue reading

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