Protestants Have Bigger Brains than Catholics!

And that’s not me, it’s science!

For decades, mainline Protestants have been beset by bad news: declining numbers, aging membership, waning cultural influence.A new study from Duke University Medical Center, however, gives these Protestants one reason for cheer: they seem to have larger brains than born-again Christians, Roman Catholics and the religiously unaffiliated.

Sadly the silly people at USA Today don’t know that Protestant, Reformed, and the rest are ‘born again’.  More media theological ineptitude.  Fortunately, the media people didn’t perform the study.

Anyway, yeah for us!  Naturally this also explains why true Christians practice baptism by immersion, attend worship twice on Sunday and on Wednesday night, and have Vacation Bible School in the Summer.  They don’t worship images and they don’t call the Lord’s Supper the ‘Eucharist’.  They don’t drink wine but grape juice and they don’t eat wafers and call them ‘the body of Christ’.  And it’s all because we have bigger brains!

And that’s not just me, that’s science!

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I am a Pastor, and Lecturer in Church History and Biblical Studies at Ming Hua Theological College.
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6 Responses to Protestants Have Bigger Brains than Catholics!

  1. Funny, but we conservative Anglicans have the best balance of catholic & reformed, Word & Sacrament. Ecumenical Council & Creed! And a whole Church buried and in the ground, but in the glory! (Heb.12:1) And even some of us “cream thinking” Anglicans are Pre-Mill! 😉


    • Jim says:

      nonsense! any church started by an angry fat man who didnt like the fact that he couldnt marry and divorce half a dozen times cant claim to be laid ‘on the foundation of the apostles’! ;-p


  2. I take exception to both “Lord’s Supper” and “Eucharist”.

    1.A little wafer and juice/wine is no supper unless you seriously dieting.

    2. It’s hard to be thanksgiving for such a tiny feast.

    3. Don’t tell secular America they celebrate the Eucahrist every November. I can just imagine the noise.


  3. But that is the Protestant side of the Church, i.e. fat men, Luther, etc.; but then the somewhat ascetic thin man Calvin too, who was surely close to the Anglicans, as he even wrote to the King of England! 😉


  4. The Hook says:

    I’ve always suspected this…


  5. Jim, btw, the Protestant Church doesn’t fast, ergo fat men and people! And now the “emergents” have doughnuts (coffee & cream) before church and pizza/chicken and coke after. Yikes, it just gets worse for modern so-called Protestants! 😉 Pretty soon it will be high-balls maybe during! Who knows these days?


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