Answering Your Letters

Dear Jim,

You seem to be unbending.  Why are you so harsh and strict?


Well Alan I think I can answer your question with the same brevity with which you ask it.  Because there’s too much bending by pastors and theologians today.  Too much accommodation.  Too much willingness to blink or draw back or hesitate or, if I may put it this way, cower.   Too little discipline (among Christians and churches) because too little discipleship.

Discipleship, in the sense of ‘taking up your cross’ and following Jesus, is virtually dead these days.  Instead, we’ve managed to raise a generation of Christians who live for self, lack any sense of community, and deny any notion of responsibility.  Consequently, Christianity in America is a pale imitation of what it once was and now should be.  Seeker sensitives and Emergents have so watered down the Gospel in the eyes of society that anyone who stands up for something and against perversions of all sorts is seen as harsh or strict.

In short, I’m not really harsh or strict.  I just look that way because so many have thrown their cross on the ground and taken up in its place a box of pizza and a new car giveaway

Ok, so I didn’t manage to be brief.



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