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The Dilettante (and false prophet) of the Year Award Goes to…

Harold Camping!  For his heretical and deceptive claim that the end would come on May 21.  As you can see, the deadline he set (May 21 out in the Pacific and 6:15 pm Eastern Time May 20) has come and … Continue reading

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Michelle Beadle Rockin’ it!

I love Sports Nation. Beadle is the main reason why-

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Michael Barber On The Catholic Understanding of ‘the Saints’

With many thanks to my pal Michael for responding to some questions I posed a while back.  Go read it.  You have time.  The world isn’t ending.  Not in the next day or two anyway.  And it will cleanse your … Continue reading

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Jesus Has Just Shown up in New Zealand!

Deane Galbraith has snapped his photo!  Evidently Jesus attends SBL (and I’m positive I saw him in San Diego when we were there!)  Anyway, as the unhinged dispensationalists say, ‘see you there are in the air’!

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The End is Near!

Not that one- the end of the month and the blogger stats and in an astonishing twist of fate Joel has bolted forward.  At this moment his one month alexa rank is 69,369.  Mine, barely ahead, is 68,462. This could … Continue reading

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The Top 10 ‘End of the World’ Predictions…

Who picks these things?  Via Antonio. [I only mention it because of Antonio’s awesome artwork] – I love how it takes out South America directly!  This means we’re all spared (unless it also blasts a whole through the other side, … Continue reading

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Perhaps the Most Important Facebook Group Ever

Is here.  As groups on Facebook go, I don’t think anyone with an ounce of sanity would argue against the proposition that this is indeed the most important of the lot.  You should certainly join.  Immediately.

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Dr. Robert Cargill will be the guest on the Ray Appleton Show

Brilliant! And yes, you can listen online live. I shall be the guest on the Ray Appleton Show on KMJ 580 at 1:00 PM on Friday, May 20, 2011 here in the northwest Fresno studio. Topics will include the Bible, … Continue reading

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Bibi Thinks We’re All Stupid

Israel said the United States “does not understand reality” as its leader arrived in Washington on Friday after President Barack Obama endorsed a longstanding Palestinian demand on borders of a future state….  Obama embraced the Palestinian view that the state … Continue reading

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Beaten in North Korea, for His Faith

An American detained in North Korea for apparent missionary work was severely beaten as part of investigations into underground Christian churches there, an acquaintance said on Thursday.  Eddie Jun Yong-Su, an ethnic Korean US citizen, had been engaged in “aggressive” … Continue reading

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Good News! Chris Tilling Isn’t Dead! He’s Posted a Guest Book Review

Not, by the way, a review of a ‘guest book’- but a book by one Volker Rabens reviewed by one of Chris’s friends (I know, it surprises me too). My good friend, Volker Rabens, adjusted and published his wonderful and … Continue reading

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Harold Camping Deserves Mockery…

But it isn’t, in many cases, just Harry who is being mocked- but Christianity.  Specifically, the Christian belief that 1- Jesus will return, and 2- That the end of history as we know it will take place upon his return. … Continue reading

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On Books, Writing, and How Long it Takes to get them Done

Without being offensive might I just observe that … the longer it takes to push out a book, the more strain it demands, and the harder it is to get done, the more likely it is that it will simply … Continue reading

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Horror in Australia…

Bad news coming from Australia today: the only cute and adorable inhabitants of the island are declining population-wise. Koalas are facing serious risk of extinction, thanks to predators, climate change and rampant human development, the Australian government has warned. That’s … Continue reading

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And Now For Some Music to Take you to Heaven

Don’t let the beginning bars throw you off into thinking this will be a plodding Adagio. Far from it. FJ Haydn always delivers and he surely delivers the music of heaven here-

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Speaking of the 1967 Border of Israel

Today’s Qwiki is on the Six Day War. Very much worth watching. Perhaps When Bibi shows up at the White House and after Obama kisses his ring they can sit down together and watch it.

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The End isn’t May 21st… So How Can You KNOW When it Will Be??

You’ll know it’s really, really the end of the world when all of the following things happen exactly at noon Eastern Time on the same day- 1- Joel Watts will become a woman. 2- Jeremy Thompson will become a Baptist. … Continue reading

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The Dead are Coming Out of the Ground!!!

In floating caskets…  which is kinda gross and kinda sad. The flooded Mississippi River is creating major problems for a Yazoo City cemetery. High water forced three caskets to float out of the ground on Thursday at Bethel Missionary Baptist … Continue reading

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Lecture Announcement

The director and staff of the The Tell es-Safi/Gath Archaeological Project Institute of Archaeology, Bar-Ilan University, are pleased to invite you to a lecture on Wednesday, June 15th, 2011 at 2:00 pm on the Bar-Ilan University Campus, Ramat-Gan, Faculty of … Continue reading

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