The Dilettante (and false prophet) of the Year Award Goes to…

Harold Camping!  For his heretical and deceptive claim that the end would come on May 21.  As you can see, the deadline he set (May 21 out in the Pacific and 6:15 pm Eastern Time May 20) has come and gone.  He lied.  He’s a liar.  His followers should reject any association with him.

And here’s your award, False Prophet Camping, times 52

The End is Near!

Not that one- the end of the month and the blogger stats and in an astonishing twist of fate Joel has bolted forward.  At this moment his one month alexa rank is 69,369.  Mine, barely ahead, is 68,462.

This could be Joel’s month!  This could be the month he’s prayed and worked and yes, killed for!

Is that what you want?  To justify his murderings by vaunting him to #1 so that he can finally proudly display the most sought after image in all biblioblogdom?

I suppose if I’m to be dethroned after years at #1 I’m glad it’s Joel and not some feckless windbag or dimwitted angry atheist (though the two are frequently combined into one person).

Yes, it seems Joel will finally do it.  We’ll find out in a little over a week.  Unless you and all your friends do the right thing and avoid Joel like the plague and instead visit here (instead of using those wretched feed readers you love so much).

Dr. Robert Cargill will be the guest on the Ray Appleton Show

Brilliant! And yes, you can listen online live.

Dr. Robert Cargill will be the guest on the Ray Appleton Show on KMJ 580, Friday, May 20, 2011 at 1:00 PM I shall be the guest on the Ray Appleton Show on KMJ 580 at 1:00 PM on Friday, May 20, 2011 here in the northwest Fresno studio. Topics will include the Bible, religion, Christianity and Judaism, the Dead Sea Scrolls, Middle East politics, education, Fresno City College, and I’m guessing anything else Mr. Appleton wishes to discuss. … Read More

via XKV8R: The Official Blog of Dr. Robert R. Cargill

Bibi Thinks We’re All Stupid

Israel said the United States “does not understand reality” as its leader arrived in Washington on Friday after President Barack Obama endorsed a longstanding Palestinian demand on borders of a future state….  Obama embraced the Palestinian view that the state they seek in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip should largely be drawn along lines that existed before the 1967 war in which Israel captured those territories and East Jerusalem.  The right-wing Netanyahu, who has had strained relations with the Democrat Obama, reacted by saying in a statement that this could leave Israel with borders that were “indefensible.”  “There is a feeling that Washington does not understand the reality, doesn’t understand what we face,” an official on board the plane taking Netanyahu to Washington told reporters.

We understand quite well.  We understand that for years Israel has dragged its feet in the peace process.  We understand that Israel has spoken out of both sides of its mouth- simultaneously talking peace and building settlements on Palestinian land.  We understand that Israel expects unswerving and mindless obedience of American policy makers.  We understand that what Israel is doing to the Palestinians is what South Africa did to the blacks.  We understand that if the United States actually were interested in peace it would be a fair and honest broker and its policy decisions wouldn’t be driven by Jerusalem, the Israel lobby, or the Christian Zionists.

We aren’t as stupid as you think Bibster.  Just our politicians are.

Beaten in North Korea, for His Faith

An American detained in North Korea for apparent missionary work was severely beaten as part of investigations into underground Christian churches there, an acquaintance said on Thursday.  Eddie Jun Yong-Su, an ethnic Korean US citizen, had been engaged in “aggressive” missionary activities in the hardline communist state, said Lim Chang-Ho, a professor at a South Korean theological college.  Lim said Jun and two ethnic Koreans with Chinese passports were arrested at the same time last November. “The two others were badly beaten but they were allowed to return home as they were Chinese nationals,” Lim said.  “According to them, Jun was beaten up so severely that he could hardly walk without help,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Church in America slumbers, or worse, diverts its entire attention to the lunacy of the end time false prophets.

God help the Christians in Asia.  And the Middle East.  And in many parts of Africa.  Where they have it hard whilst we have it easy.

Good News! Chris Tilling Isn’t Dead! He’s Posted a Guest Book Review

Not, by the way, a review of a ‘guest book’- but a book by one Volker Rabens reviewed by one of Chris’s friends (I know, it surprises me too).

My good friend, Volker Rabens, adjusted and published his wonderful and vigorously researched PhD thesis in the Mohr Siebeck WUNT series, and I wanted to draw attention to it by republishing Carsten Lotz’s review for LST’s INSIGHT Magazine. I can only concur with Carsten that Volker’s work really was a model PhD. If you are interested in Pauline theology, especially ethics or pneumatology, but also close exegesis of numerous Pauline passages and elucidation on Paul and ‘relationality’, you can’t afford to miss this one.

It does sound like an interesting book- not least because it implies that Paul had ethics!  And the Holy Spirit!!!!!  Give ‘er a read.

Harold Camping Deserves Mockery…

But it isn’t, in many cases, just Harry who is being mocked- but Christianity.  Specifically, the Christian belief that

1- Jesus will return, and
2- That the end of history as we know it will take place upon his return.

And while the speculators deserve to be derided, the doctrine itself (and not, no NOT in its dispensationalist garb) is in fact true (so far as most Christians are concerned).

What Camping’s folly has assured is that the truth of the doctrine is eclipsed by the nonsense and whenever people talk about Jesus’ coming it will now be associated in the minds of many with the idiotic prediction of a geezerly old man who should remain silent in the Church and who should never ever have been allowed within 400 miles of the Bible.

In sum- the truth suffers every time it’s lied about. Camping has lied. And the truth is his victim.

[This, by the way, is exactly why I loathe dilettantism. Every dilettantish misrepresentation occludes the truth. And dilettantism is damnable for precisely that reason].

On Books, Writing, and How Long it Takes to get them Done

Without being offensive might I just observe that

… the longer it takes to push out a book, the more strain it demands, and the harder it is to get done, the more likely it is that it will simply serve to fill the commode of the literary world.

The best books flow naturally.  Those that demand too much strain- well… they generally aren’t worth the wait. Plus, they tend to hurt.

Horror in Australia…

Bad news coming from Australia today: the only cute and adorable inhabitants of the island are declining population-wise.

Koalas are facing serious risk of extinction, thanks to predators, climate change and rampant human development, the Australian government has warned.

That’s a bummer. If the koalas disappear Australia will cease to have any reason to exist and all the human inhabitants will have to move to New Zealand.

Numbers of the marsupial have dropped by up to 95 per cent since the 1990s and conservation groups are demanding urgent action by the government to save the remaining colonies. There are believed to be just 43,000 of the tree-dwelling animals left on the mainland and in south east Queensland alone the population has plummeted from 25,000 to 4,000 in a decade.

Nope, no good at all.

The End isn’t May 21st… So How Can You KNOW When it Will Be??

You’ll know it’s really, really the end of the world when all of the following things happen exactly at noon Eastern Time on the same day-

1- Joel Watts will become a woman.
2- Jeremy Thompson will become a Baptist.
3- An angry atheist will become the #1 biblioblogger.
4- California will fall off into the Pacific.
5- Lawyers will all tell the truth.
6- Oil companies will admit to being theives.
7- There will be no more obesity.
8- Roland Boer will abandon profanity.
9- A massive commentary on Genesis that people will actually read will be published.
10- Jim Linville will become an Evangelist on Benny Hinn’s team.

When those 10 things happen at noon on one day, lift your eyes to the East. It’s over with. Till then, do what intelligent and biblically informed people have been doing since the beginning- ‘watch and pray’.

The Dead are Coming Out of the Ground!!!

In floating caskets…  which is kinda gross and kinda sad.

The flooded Mississippi River is creating major problems for a Yazoo City cemetery. High water forced three caskets to float out of the ground on Thursday at Bethel Missionary Baptist Church. “I have a mother there; I have a sister buried there,” said church deacon Gregg Giles. Giles said it was a call he never expected. “It’s the first time we’ve ever seen water like this, and it was just shocking,” he said.

But the dead are coming out of the ground…

Lecture Announcement

The director and staff of the The Tell es-Safi/Gath Archaeological Project Institute of Archaeology, Bar-Ilan University, are pleased to invite you to a lecture on Wednesday, June 15th, 2011 at 2:00 pm on the Bar-Ilan University Campus, Ramat-Gan, Faculty of Law Building (Building 305), Room 134 by Prof. Dr. Joseph Maran, Director of the Excavations at Tiryns (Institut für Ur- und Frühgeschichte und Vorderasiatische Archäologie, Universität Heidelberg) who will lecture on:

Ceremonial Feasting Equipment, Social Space and Interculturality in 12th cent. BCE Mycenaean Tiryns (Greece)

Abstract: The paper will deal with a set of ceremonial feasting equipment encompassing different forms of bronze tripods and stands, iron knives and metal firedogs for spit-roasting that is well-known from elite contexts of the Early Iron Age from Etruria to Cyprus. In using Tiryns during the Mycenaean post-palatial period as an example it will be argued that this set of metal forms and the accompanying practices made their appearance already soon after the destruction of the Mycenaean palaces and that their introduction was based on a combination of Mediterranean intercultural contacts with a transformation of the social space of the communities using this equipment, that occurred in the aftermath of the demise of the palatial system around 1200 BCE.

The lecture will be for an hour, followed by a discussion. Light refreshments will be served before the lecture. For inquiries:

Via Aren.