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A Step in the Right Direction!

Massachusetts lawmakers are considering a bill that would forbid parents from having sex inside their homes while getting divorced. The bill is intended to reduce domestic violence and protect children until their parents’ divorce is finalized, supporters tell My Fox … Continue reading

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Joel, How Many Times Do I Have to Ask you Not to Comment under an Assumed Name?

Huh?  You have to stop it… Oh, you’ll want to click to enlarge that little gem….  Comments… sometimes I think they should just be abandoned completely.

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Even the Secret Service Hates Fox False News

via Brilliant.  Who can, Secret Service, who with even half a brain can?  That’s right, no one.

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From the ‘There’s No Such Thing as an Ethical Politician’ Department…

Ethical politician?  Now there’s an oxymoron!  When it comes to politicians the only ethic they have is ‘stick out your hand and close your eyes (sometimes) and take whatever money Satan gives you.  And then do Satan’s bidding.’ Federal law … Continue reading

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Lunacy and the ‘End’ on May 21: When You’re Proven Wrong You Owe the World an Apology

The twitts have arrived concerning the ‘end’. I have replied as follows, and mean it when I say I will require an apology (and public repentance and an admission that the May 21st-ers are false teachers and heretics) –

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If Ever there were Reasons Not to Move to Singapore…

This has to top the list. A corpse has been found in a Singapore apartment building’s water storage tank after residents complained of yellow, foamy water.  Singapore police say the body of a 30-year-old Indonesian woman was found Monday at … Continue reading

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Insights From the Heidelberg Catechism

What is a real Christian, really?  Once more, the Catechism helps us understand in the murky darkness of modern culture with it’s range of absurd and untrue answers to that question. Question 32. But why art thou called a Christian? … Continue reading

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President Obama: An Honest Broker of Mideast Peace?

No.  His decision to attend and address AIPAC shows that he isn’t.  Or, as MJ Rosenberg puts it so succinctly Special Envoy George Mitchell resigned [his post as Mideast envoy] clearly angry at the lack of support his peace efforts … Continue reading

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If You’re About to Eat Lunch, Don’t Read this Article about David Elkington and his Lead Codices Nonsense

It will just make you sick to your stomach (and maybe even stir you to action- though of course I’m not going to hold my breath about that).  It concludes But with treasures this valuable – just four of the … Continue reading

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Bibi and Barack: This is No Time for a Beer Summit

Tom Friedman wisely writes Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu of Israel is always wondering why his nation is losing support and what the world expects of a tiny country surrounded by implacable foes. I can’t speak for the world, but I … Continue reading

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The Unfortunate Rise of ‘Universalism’

People seem intent these days on rescuing God from any potential charge of judgment and so go to great lengths, even so far as ignoring, his attribute of justice. Universalism is on the rise because too many (who should know … Continue reading

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Public Lecture Announcement: Thomas C. Römer at Tel Aviv University

It’s just a few hours from now (as I post) so you’ll have to be in Tel Aviv to attend- Professor Thomas C. Römer, Faculty of Theology & Sciences of Religions, University of Lausanne, Swiss, and Professor at the College … Continue reading

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Catholic, Theologian, Homosexual: I’ll Take ‘Things That are Incompatible for $500, Alex’

The Reformed Church of Germany website reports Der homosexuelle Theologe David Berger aus Deutschland fordert von der katholischen Kirche eine «grössere Ehrlichkeit» im Umgang mit Homosexualität. In einem Videointerview mit dem katholischen Nachrichtenportal «kath.ch» vom 17. Mai prangerte Berger, dem … Continue reading

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The Thieving Prof and the Israel Antiquities Authority

A history professor from the US is suspected of attempting to smuggle antiques valued at tens of thousands of dollars out of Israel. Earlier this week a joint Israeli Antiquities Authority and customs operation managed to thwart the smuggling attempt.  … Continue reading

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Sad Despair

Poor girl. A JILTED bride-to-be tries to hurl herself off the top of a building – still wearing her wedding dress – after her boyfriend broke up with her. Devastated Li-Wan sat sobbing on a window ledge 80ft up just … Continue reading

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Spirit Airlines: Making fun of Arnold

You have to love the speed with which commercials mocking the idiotic appear. Have you seen the woman the Governator cheated with?????? WHY???? Maria is beautiful. But of course Luther long ago pointed out, rather brusquely, men always cheat on … Continue reading

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Women, If You Really Care About Your Husbands, Get Busy!

Household chores often get in the way when dual-earner couples want to unwind after a stress-filled day on the job. Now, a new study shows that while wives’ stress levels drop when their husbands are helping them with chores, for … Continue reading

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Where in the World is Chris Tilling Now?

A man wearing women’s clothing and a blonde wig stole baby formula and fake fingernails from a Shelby pharmacy Saturday, according to a police report.The manager of Rite Aid at 330 W. Dixon Blvd. told Officer M.R. Chapman that a … Continue reading

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Understanding Pseudonymity in New Testament Literature

Someone asked me the other day about the best treatment of the question of pseudonymity in the New Testament and other early Christian literature.  Here’s the answer- Kurt Aland, “The Problem of Anonymity and Pseudonymity in Christian Literature of the … Continue reading

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Dorothy Parvaz is Free

NPR has reported Al Jazeera journalist Dorothy Parvaz is free. She has landed in Doha on a flight from Iran. That’s very happy news.  Good for her and her friends and family. And naturally Al Jazeera has the good news … Continue reading

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