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False News: Fox’s Love of Deception and it’s Selective Editing of the Jon Stewart Appearance

No one should be surprised by this: Jon Stewart has become the latest victim of Fox News editing. All of criticism of Fox News during his debate will Bill O’Reilly was edited out of the video played on Fox and … Continue reading

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More Political Dirtbaggery: Republicans and Democrats Bow at the Altar of their Big Oil gods

Spineless cowards. The Senate blocked a bill Tuesday that would repeal about $2 billion a year in tax breaks for the five biggest oil companies, a Democratic response to $4-a-gallon gasoline that might fare better when Congress and the White … Continue reading

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Ben Myers does a King James at 400 Roundup

With lots of links and things I had not yet noticed.  So thanks, Ben.  Nicely done. OK, drop everything and head on over to the ABC’s new anniversary site for the King James Bible.  The site will be featuring loads … Continue reading

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What Reason will Israel Invent to Relegate this Solution to the Dustbin?

Hamas’ Deputy Foreign Minister Ghazi Hamad told NPR’s Robert Siegel that the Islamic political party has accepted a two-state solution that respects the 1967 borders.  Robert asked Hamad in a very straight forward way: “If Israel were to accept a … Continue reading

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The First Picture of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Baby!


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Quote of the Day

I am truly sorry that Jennifer Aniston’s dog died, but is it really headline news? No. Next question. — Tearsa Smith

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Farewell, Dr. Cuddy

You will be missed. Don’t bother paging Dr. Cuddy; she won’t be answering.  Lisa Edelstein, one of the leads on the longtime hit FOX medical drama “House,” will not return for an eighth season of the show, Deadline reports. While … Continue reading

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We Need to See More of This: Down with Loud Cellphone Users

An Amtrak train made an unexpected stop Sunday, as a woman was escorted off for speaking loudly on her cell phone.  Lakeysha Beard, 39, was charged with disorderly conduct after she wouldn’t stop talking on the 16-hour trip from Oakland, … Continue reading

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Hey Jennifer Granholm, Schwarzenegger Cheated With a Woman!

It isn’t just men who cheat, who can’t keep their pants zipped up.  Women have the same proclivities.  Indeed, the woman who bore Schwarzie’s baby was herself married at the time so she’s no better than he is. Hence, there’s … Continue reading

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The Waqf Temple Mount Excavation Destruction

In his annual report, State Comptroller Micha Lindenstrauss found many shortcomings in the supervision of works carried out by the Waqf Muslim religious trust at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, saying that as a result, important archaeological artifacts had been … Continue reading

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The Latest Issue of the Scandinavian Journal of the Old Testament

Is online at present (for online subscribers) and hard copies are in the mail for subscribers to that format.  It includes Original Articles SJOT after Twenty Five Years, by Niels Peter Lemche “Go in peace” or “Go to Hell”? Elisha, … Continue reading

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It’s Time to Take the Media Bull by the Horn

For years there have been various efforts among bloggers (primarily) to get word out rapidly when some bogus claim hits the press.  Recent examples would include but would not be limited to the ridiculous ‘Nails of Jesus’ hype and the … Continue reading

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No, Ugh… Not in Dear Zurich!

Die Mormonen bauen im zürcherischen Bonstetten ein neues Gemeindehaus mit Kapelle und Turm. Hier sollen ab kommendem Winter sonntags jeweils gut 120 Personen den Gottesdienst besuchen. Am bisherigen Standort in Zürich-Altstetten hatte es zu wenig Platz. Ughh…. Das neue Gemeindehaus … Continue reading

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They Have More Money than Sense

These parents.   They’re teaching their kids some very unfortunate habits and a dreadful and selfish disposition that will be difficult to overcome as they become adults. … over-the-top, extreme bedrooms for kids are no longer just the stuff of made-for- … Continue reading

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Blogrolling Rolling Rolls On

I’ve – you may have noticed – updated the blogroll.  I’ve rolled a few off and added one I think quite engaging.  I.e., one Adam Darnell.  An interesting kid to be sure. Who knows how long my capricious nature will … Continue reading

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Another Reason WordPress Rocks

Especially if you’re a baseball fan. Check it out. Attention baseball fans, today we’re launching a triple-header of new themes just for you. We’ve partnered with MLB.com to bring its Fan, Modern, and Retro blog themes to WordPress.com. The designs range … Continue reading

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Hey All My Jewish Friends, Want a Free Book on Isaiah 53?

Here’s the email offer I just got- Dear Pastor, I’m seldom called dear, so thanks! Shalom in the great name of Jesus our Messiah. I have some good news – I want to send you a brand new book that … Continue reading

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Sometimes Genetic Engineering Is a Bad Idea

Watermelons have been bursting by the score in eastern China after farmers gave them overdoses of growth chemicals during wet weather, creating what state media called fields of “land mines.”  About 20 farmers around Danyang city in Jiangsu province were … Continue reading

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Any Excuse at all Will Do When Self Indulgence is the Goal

Any excuse… like this Brazilian woman’s that she has anxiety and must practice, at work, auto-eroticism.  The world (and specifically in this case Brazil) has gone completely mad and people are more and more being freed from humanity to live … Continue reading

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Julius Wellhausen

There’s no question at all that Julius Wellhausen has been far more influential in the field of Old Testament studies than most others.    I mention him now because it was on the 17th of May in 1844 that he was … Continue reading

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