Shame on You Zurich

Voters in Zurich have overwhelmingly rejected calls to ban assisted suicide or to outlaw the practice for nonresidents.  Zurich’s cantonal voters by about a 4-to-1 margin Sunday defeated both measures that had been pushed by political and religious conservatives.  Out of more than 278,000 ballots cast, the initiative to ban assisted suicide was opposed by 85 percent of voters and the initiative to outlaw it for foreigners was turned down by 78 percent, according to Zurich authorities.  Assisted suicide is legal in Switzerland, and has been since 1941, provided the helper isn’t a medical doctor and doesn’t personally benefit from a patient’s death. About 200 people a year commit suicide in Zurich.

You’d be singing another tune if Zwingli or Bullinger were around.  Or even someone with half their spirit.  Shame on you Zurich.

2 thoughts on “Shame on You Zurich

  1. phillip mutchell 15 May 2011 at 4:15 pm

    You obviously object Jim but why? If the person lacks the faith to transform their suffering to witness why shouldn’t they choose to die.


    • Jim 15 May 2011 at 4:16 pm

      because they don’t have the right. self murder is murder.


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