Where are the Female Dig Directors in Israel?

It’s a very interesting question.  And Jennifer does a good and fair job addressing it in a new essay at Bible and Interpretation.

Many who seek an archaeological field experience in Israel look to the Biblical Archaeology Review’ (BAR) annual dig issue, where excavation directors looking for volunteers publicize their projects. While perusing the summer projects for this year, I was disappointed to note that less than one-third of the excavations planned in Israel in summer 2011 list female directors and co-directors, six out of 22 total projects (27%). Since I knew that this was not a comprehensive list, I consulted the Archaeological Institute of America’s (AIA) online Fieldwork Opportunities Bulletin (http://www.archaeological.org/fieldwork/afob) and the American Schools of Oriental Research’s (ASOR) list of 2011 ASOR-affiliated excavations in search of additional dig opportunities (http://www.asor.org/excavations/asor-cap-
). These sources yielded eight more total projects, three of them directed or co-directed by women, bringing the number of field projects listed in these three sources for summer 2011 to 29 with eight directed or co-directed by women (28%).

And that’s just for starters.

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