Grilled False Prophet

Perhaps the Taiwanese are pointing the way as to how America should handle the dilettantism of Harold Camping.  To wit-

Taiwan police grill apocalypse ‘prophet’.

Boy that sounds promising! Grilled ‘prophet’. I’m not a winebibber so I’m not sure but wouldn’t red wine go with grilled prophet? Such questions call for the deep inner reflection of pastoral musings carried out in silence and solitude (where all pastoral musing belong really, since musings are grossly unformed and pretty much mental vomit).  Those of you who are finished musing and have graduated to actual thinking shoot along a response- what wine goes with red meat?

Anyway- here’s what the Taiwanese have done

Taiwanese police questioned a self-styled “prophet” Thursday, one day after his prediction that the island would be hit by a monster earthquake flopped. After talking to Wang Chao-hung, better known as “Teacher Wang”, officers decided to pass the case to prosecutors to investigate a possible offence of spreading socially disruptive rumours. “We summoned and questioned him today,” said Yang Teng-yao, the deputy chief of the police precinct in the central Taiwan town of Puli. “The case will be taken over by local prosecutors and Wang will come under further questioning.”

Oh shoot. The headline was so promising. They didn’t grill him at all, they just questioned him (though his name rocks, doesn’t it- Mr Wang! Teacher Wang!

Oh Mr Camping…. the police have some questions.

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  1. It seems they put Jeremiah down a pit for his “apocalyptic”, but it was true of course. I still have my sign: Repent for the end is near! 😉


  2. wken says:

    If only …


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