Eerdmans Commentary on the Dead Sea Scrolls: Wisdom Literature

This volume may well interest many of you.

This second published volume in the groundbreaking Eerdmans Commentaries on the Dead Sea Scrolls series is the first comprehensive commentary on the wisdom texts from the Dead Sea Scrolls. John Kampen provides original translations of these works, most of which are found in the extensive collection of fragments that became widely accessible for study only in 1991. Augmenting his translations with scholarly notes, discussions of key terms, and detailed commentary, Kampen shows how this corpus fits into — and enhances our understanding of — biblical wisdom, Christian origins, and the complex social and intellectual history of Second Temple Judaism.

The materials covered are

Instruction (1Q26, 4Q415-418, 423)
Mysteries (1Q27, 4Q299-300, 301?)
The Evil Seductress (4Q184)
Wisdom Composition (4Q185)
CryptA Words of the Maskil to All Sons of Dawn (4Q298)
Sapiential-Didactic Work A (4Q412)
Ways of Righteousness (4Q420-421)
Instruction-Like Composition B (4Q424)
Beatitudes (4Q525)
The Wisdom of Ben Sira (Sirach)

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