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‘To the pure, all things are pure. But to the corrupt who do not believe, nothing is pure’

So says Titus 1:15a.  I remind you of it because a cab driver in Britain was ordered to remove this cross from her cab- Why?  Because a dirty minded teenager got in, saw it, and said that it was ‘phallic’.  … Continue reading

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No One Believes You When You Say You Only Use Your iPhone in Church to Read the Bible

Here’s a hilarious go at the notion that people only use their iPhone in Church to read the Bible.   I especially liked this part- This is 2011, I can’t be carrying all kinds of bound and printed words on paper. … Continue reading

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Grilled False Prophet

Perhaps the Taiwanese are pointing the way as to how America should handle the dilettantism of Harold Camping.  To wit- Taiwan police grill apocalypse ‘prophet’. Boy that sounds promising! Grilled ‘prophet’. I’m not a winebibber so I’m not sure but … Continue reading

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Jon Stewart Skewers Sean Hannity and the Fox News Hypocrites

Brilliantly, as always.  If you didn’t watch it last night, watch it now.

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Been There, Had That (Several Times, Many Times)

So, Mr Christian, I empathize.  If you think the ‘patriots’ are creepy wait till you annoy the homeschoolers.  That lot, they’ll slit your throat (or show up at your house or call you all hours of the day and night … Continue reading

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You Know, I’ve Seen a Lot of Craziness in My Life…

But this is, hands down, the craziest thing I’ve ever seen. A founder of a religious cult glorifying Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin believes that the powerful premier is the reincarnation of Saint Paul, the Russian tabloid Sobesednik reported on … Continue reading

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Texas Has Stupid Government Officials

Christian has the sorry details- Despite Rick Perry‘s claims, the budget deficit problem in Texas is huge and was only temporarily solved by using the same stimulus funds that he decried as reckless spending. In fact, in Texas they’ve had … Continue reading

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Michelle Beadle Mocks LeBron

The Beadle rocks!

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The Adventures of Garfinkel and Finkelstein – Edited…

I’m not the sort to use potty language like various of our blogging brethren- so I’ve modified this comic strippish rendition for my ‘G’ audience.  The original source material is here.

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The 2011 Sherman Lectures at Manchester University

THE SHERMAN LECTURES 2011 ‘Toleration within Judaism’ Martin Goodman, Professor of Jewish Studies and Fellow of Wolfson College, University of Oxford Mon 16 – Thurs 19 May 2011, 5.15pm daily Venue: Room A101 in the Samuel Alexander Building, University of … Continue reading

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Eerdmans Commentary on the Dead Sea Scrolls: Wisdom Literature

This volume may well interest many of you. This second published volume in the groundbreaking Eerdmans Commentaries on the Dead Sea Scrolls series is the first comprehensive commentary on the wisdom texts from the Dead Sea Scrolls. John Kampen provides … Continue reading

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Glenn Beck Hasn’t Been Relegated to Insane Land Yet with Pat Robertson? Who Knew…

He sure needs to be.  What kind of despicable character attacks a woman doing a cancer awareness public service announcement?  is Glenn Beck mentally ill?  He has to be.  In my estimation his family should immediately escort him to the … Continue reading

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Students Want Lectures

British universities are failing to provide students with enough lecture and tutorial time, according to David Willetts. Maybe the Profs are busy… doing other stuff… Or maybe they’re just too worried about keeping their jobs and publishing ‘entrails of the … Continue reading

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Aww, Poor Big Oil… How Do You Survive?

Motorists are paying nearly $4 for a gallon of gasoline as the oil industry reaps pre-tax profits that could hit $200 billion this year.  This makes another big number hard to take: $4.4 billion. That’s how much the industry saves … Continue reading

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They’re in the News, But Who are the Copts?

The Guardian has a nice piece answering that question. Attacks on churches, communal divisions – Cairo has recently seen conflicts between some Muslims and Coptic Christians. But who exactly are the Copts and how did they come to be in … Continue reading

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True Words

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Where are the Female Dig Directors in Israel?

It’s a very interesting question.  And Jennifer does a good and fair job addressing it in a new essay at Bible and Interpretation. Many who seek an archaeological field experience in Israel look to the Biblical Archaeology Review’ (BAR) annual … Continue reading

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Die Zürcher Bibel von 1531: Entstehung, Verbreitung und Wirkung

Die Zürcher Bibel von 1531: Entstehung, Verbreitung und Wirkung, hg. von Christoph Sigrist, 2011, 171 Seiten, Paperback mit farbigen Illustr.  ISBN 978-3-290-17579-5.  CHF 28.00 – EUR 20.00 – EUA 20.60 It’s new at the Theologischer Verlag Zurich.  Eisenbrauns is the … Continue reading

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Free Dorothy!

Journalists of Color is calling on the government of Syria to release Al Jazeera reporter Dorothy Parvaz and allow her to continue her important work in the country. Parvaz, a former reporter for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and a 2009 Nieman … Continue reading

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I Know it isn’t Politically Correct, But It Certainly is True

Some people are just simply too large to fit into airplane seats.  Even when they purchase two of them.  There’s no use pretending it isn’t true or making up some silly reason as to why it’s evil to point out … Continue reading

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