When In Doubt, Scream ‘Antisemitism’!

I’m really shocked that James Tabor has commented as follows to Bob Cargill’s expose of Simcha’s absurd ‘Jesus Nail’s rubbish-

Beyond any substance to this post I find the personal slander, diatribe and ugly anti-Semitic innuendoes totally disgusting. Where have we come to as academics if this is the kind of style we use to make our points. There is even a Web site out there called “Let’s beat the snot out of Simcha.” I find it really beyond sad. To charge that Simcha’s motivies are “to prey on the hopes and beliefs of the faithful in anticipation of making lots of money for Simcha Jacobovici” and that it is all “topped with a colorful hat” referring to Simcha’s kippah, is really beyond the pale–not to mention a half dozen other slanderous comments. My comment here has little to do with Simcha per se, whom I know to be a totally honorable person, or the subject at hand, i.e. the nails and the Caiaphas tomb, on which I think there is a lot to say, but just the sad level to which some of my colleagues have seemed to stoop in ridiculing others.  #7 – James Tabor – 05/10/2011 – 19:29

What anti-semitic innuendo?????  There’s not a shred of it in the essay and it is both preposterous and absurd that Tabor claims as much.  What’s more interesting is why he does it.

Why, when someone disagrees with another, is the nearly default position to fall back to claims and denunciations of antisemitism?  Because it serves only to marginalize and demonize.  It was used by Hershel Shanks against Keith Whitelam (to sad effect) and it has been used by others against Davies and Lemche and Thompson, and now it has been used by Tabor against Cargill.  Because there is no reasonable or rational support for Simcha’s absurdities, Tabor does the only thing he can do- he attempts to distract with a smoke-and-mirrors offensive lie.

Yes, it’s a lie to say that Cargill’s piece is in any way, innuendo or otherwise, antisemitic.  When one can’t refute, the only thing left to the defenseless is a grotesque lashing out.  And that is, tragically, what Tabor has done.

I can only hope that people of sense will be able to see through the attempt and recognize it for what it is- nothing but a diversionary tactic to throw back on Cargill a false accusation so that the real issue, Simcha’s false and unsubstantiated claims, can be allowed to stand.  Preposterous.  Absolutely preposterous.

Tabor is right to say

Where have we come to as academics if this is the kind of style we use to make our points.

Exactly.  How have you come, Prof. Tabor, to use false smears of antisemitism to make your point?

UPDATE:  Professor Tabor’s remark has now, it seems, been removed from the comment section of the B&I essay.  I’m a bit nonplussed I have to admit.  Do I now remove the post which stands above as though the accusation was never made, or do I let it remain in hopes that unsubstantiated accusations of supposed antisemitism aren’t tossed about so easily since ‘once it’s online, it’s online forever somewhere’?  The fact is, the remarks above attributed to Tabor are Tabor’s own unedited and unaltered remarks.  Once the tube of toothpaste is squeezed, the toothpaste can’t be put back.

10 thoughts on “When In Doubt, Scream ‘Antisemitism’!

  1. Gerard 11 May 2011 at 8:52 am

    I can’t be bothered reading the posts … but sounds like that Tabor needs Jesus.


    • Jim 11 May 2011 at 8:55 am

      oh my. well, nothing like commenting when you havent read the material. sort of like reviewing a book you havent read


  2. Gerard 11 May 2011 at 9:00 am

    I prefer to read the Bible.


    • Jim 11 May 2011 at 9:03 am

      but i bet you read other stuff too and maybe even play video games! 😉


  3. Gerard 11 May 2011 at 9:08 am

    Other stuff like Bruce Milne and Joel Watts, video games no.


    • Jim 11 May 2011 at 9:11 am

      never heard of anything called bruce milne


  4. Joe Zias 11 May 2011 at 3:41 pm

    Cheap shot, it’s a technique borrowed from right wing Israelis here who every time some one accuses them of something that they don’t like, they accuse them of being anti-Semitic. Remember the source Tabor, Gibson and Simcha were the ones who came up with the idea of a lifetime achievement award with a little Holocaust thrown in for good measure to save themselves after they lost some of James Camerons 4 million and then Simcha had the nerve to say I’m vindicated. Not one word from Tabor nor Gibson and they were fully aware that it was a set up from the beginning. To call Cargill anti-Semitic is on par with Simchas use of the Holocaust, one of the lowest and most despicable stunts pulled off in my long experience in working with the media. Furthermore, Tabor was aware yrs ago that I had personally cleared out the lab of Prof. Nicu Hass where the nails in question were taken from, in fact he was one of the few individuals who had the privilege of seeing material which I removed from Haas’s lab in 1975. Again, nary a word. It’s all motivated by fame and fortune at the expense of the profession and those of us whom have devoted out lives to it. It’s a ‘movie’ were sick and tired of seeing again and again and were fighting back. You can’t stand the heat, then it’s time to get out of the kitchen.


  5. steph 11 May 2011 at 8:58 pm

    I saw his appalling comment after I read Bob’s excellent post (thank you Bob). I was horrified. Very disappointing.


  6. Keith 12 May 2011 at 4:02 pm

    Why do you say it was used to ‘sad effect’ against Keith Whitelam? Did it have any effect?


    • Jim 12 May 2011 at 4:05 pm

      it made me sad.


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