Washington Doesn’t Care About Miners

It won’t even act on legislation intended to make them safer (I suppose because Congressmen are getting too much money from the industry to look the other way).

A year after 29 coal miners were killed in West Virginia, a safety bill has failed and a backlog of safety cases has grown. As he delivered a eulogy last year for 29 men killed in the worst coal mine disaster in four decades, President Obama bowed his head and repeated a plea he had heard from mining families: “Don’t let this happen again.” Looking at the audience that filled the Beckley, W.Va., convention center hall, he asked: “How can we fail them?” A year later, many family members say that Washington has failed them, and some of the president’s closest congressional allies agree. While there have been improvements, many of the glaring problems revealed by the explosion at the Upper Big Branch mine remain unaddressed.

Money talks in Washington. No money, no help. Know money, know help.  Such is the corrupt nature of American government.