Things Are Getting Worse in Egypt

Al-Arabiya reports

Expressing deep regret over the deaths of nine Egyptians in clashes between Muslims and Christians in Cairo, Prime Minister Essam Sharaf postponed a trip to the Gulf. He held an emergency meeting of the cabinet on Sunday, amid indications that Egypt’s conservative Islamic movement, led by Salafis, was becoming increasingly restive about the country’s traditional secular environment.   State TV said that six Muslims and three Copts had been killed in Imbaba, not far from Cairo University in Giza governorate. The religion of the 10th victim was not disclosed, nor that of 186 people who were injured, 11 of them in critically with gunshot wounds.   Egypt’s military rulers said that 190 persons had been detained, and that they would face a military trial.Among those detained were suspects involved not only in a melee at Saint Menas Church, but also at the nearby Virgin Mary Church. Islamists stormed a six-story residential building in Imbaba, claiming that Christian snipers were positioned in it.

Egypt will disintegrate if they don’t find a way to live together.