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Such Appalling Dilettantism That it Deserves an Award

And the week has just begun.  But, honestly, the comments on this dilettantish post are more dilettantish than humanly imaginable and the Dilly the Dilettante of the Week Award is given to the entire cadre of commentators.  With despair!  [Seriously, I’ve not seen such ill informed remarks in my life- it’s like you’ve been dropped into an ignorant pond and sunk to the bottom and found yourself in a muckish land of insanity].  No one in that group should ever be allowed within 300 miles of the Bible ever again.

Osama’s Last Will and Testament

It was inevitable that they would discover bin Laden’s will.  What’s surprising is what he wanted when he was gone...  Among his wishes-

He wants a 12-year-old Dakota Fanning to be one of his pallbearers, and he sends greetings to his dear friends at the Pakistani Intelligence Services.  There’s more and it’s all on the video at the link above.

X- Factor

Yup- I’ll be watching since Paula and Simon are hosting.  Ever since they left Idol it hasn’t been worth watching but now that they’re reuniting it should be a lot of fun.  Who doesn’t love a caustic Brit and a seemingly inebriated bad dancer/singer chick?

X-Factor… I’ll be watching.

Paula Abdul will be back at the judging table with Simon Cowell, this time on Fox’s “The X Factor,” a person familiar with the negotiations said Saturday.  Though widely expected, confirmation of Abdul’s joining the new singing contest was held up as negotiations continued until the eve of the show’s first taping, according to the person familiar with the talks. The person spoke on the condition of anonymity because Fox and the show’s producers had not authorized public comment.

Mexicans Have Finally Gotten Fed Up With Drug Violence

It took a while, but it seems that Mexicans have finally gotten fed up with the drug violence that has destroyed their country.

Thousands of Mexicans have marched into Mexico City, the capital, to protest against the wave of killings that has claimed 38,000 lives since Felipe Calderon, the president, launched his war on drug gangs in late 2006. Local media said the march was about 20,000 strong as it closed in on the city’s huge Zocolo central square.  Demonstrators, many wearing white and walking in silence, held up placards that read “Not a single more death,” “Enough already” and “No more bloodshed”.  “We’ve come from San Juan Copala [in Oaxaca state], seeking peace, because we’re also suffering violence and injustice,” said Mariana, a 21-year-old from the Triqui tribe, wearing indigenous clothing.  The march started on Thursday about 72km from the capital in the tourist city of Cuernavaca, which has been rocked by drug-related violence.  Javier Sicilia, the Mexican poet and journalist, called the protest after his son and six others were found killed and tortured in March near the resort city of  Cuernavaca, about 90km from Mexico City.

Why didn’t he call for protests before his son was killed?  Didn’t he care till then?

Sometimes, You Just Have to Be an Iron Wall

Why are prophets and teachers sent? That they may reduce the world to order: they are not to spare their hearers, but freely reprove them whenever there may be need; they are also to use threatenings when they find men perverse. But when there is any dignity connected with men, the teacher dares not to offend; he is afraid of those who are invested with power, or who possess wealth, or a high character for prudence, or who are endued with great honors. In such cases there is no remedy, except teachers set God before their eyes, and regard him to be himself the speaker.

They may thus with courageous and elevated minds look down on whatever height and preeminence there may be among mortals. This, then, is the object of what God says here, See, I have set thee over nations and kingdoms; for he shews that there is so much authority in his word, that whatever is high and exalted on earth is made subject to it; even kings are not excepted.  — John Calvin, on Jeremiah 1:10.

Washington Doesn’t Care About Miners

It won’t even act on legislation intended to make them safer (I suppose because Congressmen are getting too much money from the industry to look the other way).

A year after 29 coal miners were killed in West Virginia, a safety bill has failed and a backlog of safety cases has grown. As he delivered a eulogy last year for 29 men killed in the worst coal mine disaster in four decades, President Obama bowed his head and repeated a plea he had heard from mining families: “Don’t let this happen again.” Looking at the audience that filled the Beckley, W.Va., convention center hall, he asked: “How can we fail them?” A year later, many family members say that Washington has failed them, and some of the president’s closest congressional allies agree. While there have been improvements, many of the glaring problems revealed by the explosion at the Upper Big Branch mine remain unaddressed.

Money talks in Washington. No money, no help. Know money, know help.  Such is the corrupt nature of American government.

Sinners in the Hands of an Angry Blogger!

It’s Edwards week over at Marc’s blog of awesomeness. Edwards was the smartest of the day and his stuff is really fantastic. I’m glad Marc’s doing this.

It's Jonathan Edwards Week! I’ve decided to designate this as Jonathan Edwards Week, since it’s the week leading up to my class on Jonathan Edwards. And, to celebrate Jonathan Edwards Week, I’ll be posting a variety of Edwards links, quotes, and resources every day this week. (I will, of course, post on other issues as well. I couldn’t stick to one topic for an entire week if I wanted to.) So, if you’re interested in Edwards, stay tuned for more. And, I thought the followin … Read More

via scientia et sapientia

No, Jim Doesn’t Need Mary Today or Any Day

And is it just me, or has Jeremy’s presence on Joel’s blog made it excessively Roman?  Even his byline smells of Tiber-ian wretchedness-  sanctam ecclesiam catholicam; sanctorum communionem.

That’s the problem with borg blogging- eventually, the Roman loons take over the heretofore Protestant asylum!


Where in the World is Chris Tilling Now?

He’s been visiting family and friends in Pakistan.  Here’s a photo of him enjoying some tv time.

Evidently some in the media have gotten hold of this picture and claimed it was bin Laden.  But that’s not right.  It’s Chris Tilling.  I’d recognize that gnarled hand and scruffy grey beard anywhere.

The Sad Effects of the NRA’s Control of Congress

Here’s some stuff that everyone in the country needs to watch.

This is the single most effective, touching, infuriating documentation of the NRA’s negative influence on this country that I’ve ever seen, and of course, it took Rachel Maddow to expose these gun zealots in the most gut-wrenching and understandable way– by putting a human face on it.  And  that human face belongs to Pittsburgh councilman Ricky Burgess, who suffered personal loss after personal loss with family members shot, neighborhood kids shot, businesses in his district closing, beautiful homes abandoned, all a result of violence decimating the Homewood area. Just watch.

Pakistan is no Friend of Ours

Time to realize it.

A senior official in Pakistan’s civilian government told ABC News, “Elements of Pakistan intelligence — probably rogue or retired — were involved in aiding, abetting and sheltering the leader of al Qaeda,” the strongest public statement yet from the Pakistani government after the raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound.  This is based on the government’s judgment that the number of years bin Laden spent in Abbottabad — and it now appears in a village outside the city of Haripur — would have been impossible without help, possibly from someone in the middle tier of ISI, Pakistan’s intelligence agency, who grew up fighting alongside the mujahidin against the Soviets, said the official.

There will always be elements of the Pakistani military that are willing to betray American interests while at the same time holding their hands out for aid.  It’s time for the US government to face the hard cold facts and end all aid and cooperation.  It’s like cooperating with Iran and believing they have no ulterior motive.  It’s, to put it bluntly, a pact with the devil.

Things Are Getting Worse in Egypt

Al-Arabiya reports

Expressing deep regret over the deaths of nine Egyptians in clashes between Muslims and Christians in Cairo, Prime Minister Essam Sharaf postponed a trip to the Gulf. He held an emergency meeting of the cabinet on Sunday, amid indications that Egypt’s conservative Islamic movement, led by Salafis, was becoming increasingly restive about the country’s traditional secular environment.   State TV said that six Muslims and three Copts had been killed in Imbaba, not far from Cairo University in Giza governorate. The religion of the 10th victim was not disclosed, nor that of 186 people who were injured, 11 of them in critically with gunshot wounds.   Egypt’s military rulers said that 190 persons had been detained, and that they would face a military trial.Among those detained were suspects involved not only in a melee at Saint Menas Church, but also at the nearby Virgin Mary Church. Islamists stormed a six-story residential building in Imbaba, claiming that Christian snipers were positioned in it.

Egypt will disintegrate if they don’t find a way to live together.

Congratulations to David Chalcraft

Who has been appointed Chair and Department Head of Biblical Studies at the University of Sheffield, commencing September of this year!

David’s a great scholar and a great guy.  The department has snagged a superstar.  So congrats to David and to Sheffield.