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Emil Brunner: On Prayer

Faith lives on prayer.  Indeed, faith is nothing but prayer.  The moment we really believe, we are already praying and when we cease praying we also cease believing.

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Michael Made me Laugh

Here’s why. This clip really made me laugh–even though it was produced by Lutherans ; )   It made me think: perhaps the force of some arguments are best expressed through humor. Enjoy!

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Those Who Construct a ‘god’ of their Own Liking…

Always make that ‘god’ skankier than themselves.  As the Los Angeles Times makes clear enough- Study links willingness to cheat, viewpoint on God. The study found no difference in the ethical behavior of believers and nonbelievers. But participants who saw … Continue reading

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Why, Oh Why Must Our Government Lie- Even When it Needn’t?

Sometimes I get so disgusted I consider converting to mennonitism and being done with everything. The White House admitted last night that its initial account of the way Osama bin Laden died at the hands of US forces had been … Continue reading

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Now That’s Interesting…

The other day I posted a piece which supposedly quoted MLK Jr. and Bob Cargill pointed out that the quote was a fake.   So I deleted the post (in quite a miffed mood I have to confess). But when the … Continue reading

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An Online Bible You May Want to Visit

It’s a bit different than others. You can choose a variety of versions, add your own notes, and more. For free (at this point anyway). They style it thusly- The World’s First Infinite Bible. The Gutenberg press was just the … Continue reading

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I Think We Know What Joel is Doing in Ohio….

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Audio Segment on the KJV in South Yorkshire

Sheffield KJV Bible Project Coordinator Iona Hine talking about South Yorkshire’s contribution to the story of King James’ Bible. You can listen to it here. It’s approximately 1.5 hours in and about 5 minutes in length.

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I Only Mention This So As To Send James Crossley Into a Fit of Envy…

Take that, James… Oh sure, it isn’t the actual Roon… but it is someone who collects Roon news and tweets it!  So it’s like shaking hands with someone who shook hands with someone who opened the door for someone that … Continue reading

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What Jeremy and the Other Catholic/Emergent/Pentecostalists Would Like to Do to Me!

Among other things…

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Sometimes the Line Between Total Depravity and Total Stupidity is Blurred

And you end up with a transgendered guy marrying a Hindu ‘god’. Jyoti, a 62-year-old transgender Indian who was born a man, saves up money every year to buy a beautiful new wedding dress for a festival at which she … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

The alleged findings of scholarly exegesis have been used to put together the most dreadful books that destroy the figure of Jesus and dismantle the faith…And so the Bible no longer speaks of God, the living God; no, now we … Continue reading

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Oh But They Do…

Abandon doctrine in favor of tradition.  Or if you prefer, set aside Scripture in favor of tradition.  Here’s just one example of many- Scripture clearly teaches that Jesus had brothers and sisters.  The Greek words can be fudged any way … Continue reading

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Being a Christian In Pakistan Just Got More Dangerous

A mob of Muslims have forced thousands of Christians from their homes and attacked a Seminary.  The full details of this terrible story are available here. We need to pray quite diligently for Christians in other lands who pay a … Continue reading

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What to Do, What to Do…

I’ve been sent a photo from the ‘Royal Wedding’ that is real, but a bit off color because of the … well shoot.  Anyway, I can’t post it because of its off-coloredness. But it’s so funny I want to share … Continue reading

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What Difference Exists Between Protestant/Reformed and Catholic/Pentecostal/Emergent?

Only one thing that really counts- the unwillingness of the Reformed/Protestant to abandon Scripture (rightly interpreted via the agency of the Holy Spirit) for the sake of mysticism (a la Catholicism) / spiritualism (a la Pentecostalism) and individualism (a la … Continue reading

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Eric Cline and Tel Kabri in the News

Via for purchase- During the 2008 and 2009 excavations at Tel Kabri, more than 100 new fragments of wall and floor plaster were uncovered. Approximately 60 are painted, probably belonging to a second Aegean-style wall fresco with figural representations and … Continue reading

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Walking Dead TV Listing Fail (via Bartholomew’s Notes on Religion)

For American readers, just so you know ‘The Walking Dead’ is NOT a documentary…. It seems that Simcha (and his penchant for calling trash tv documentary) has some colleagues at the BBC… At least, I sincerely hope so. From the … Continue reading

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A Report from the 2011 Meeting of the Calvin Studies Society

Which met recently at the Lutheran Seminary in St. Paul, MN.  As reported by the Reformatorisch Dagblad. The penultimate paragraph contains an important question very much worth considering- Als Luther zijn confessionele volgelingen vandaag zou kunnen zien, zou hij dan … Continue reading

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A Forthcoming Volume to Watch For

R.L. Webb and M.S. Goodacre (eds), Jesus as Restoration Prophet: Engaging the Work of E. P. Sanders (London & New York: Continuum/T&T Clark, forthcoming). Unfortunately, that’s all I know about it and the Continuum site doesn’t yet indicate further details.  … Continue reading

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