The Taliban Strap a Bomb to a Child and Use it as a Weapon

If ever there were a reason for moderate Muslims to cry out in outrage and demand the end of the violent madness, if this doesn’t provoke it, nothing ever will and the idea of moderation in Islam should be abandoned as a falsehood.

On the first day of its promised spring offensive, the Taliban used a 12-year-old boy as a suicide bomber in an attack Sunday that killed four civilians, President Hamid Karzai said, calling the child’s recruitment inhumane and un-Islamic.  It was one of several attacks across the country that killed seven people, government officials said.  The insurgent movement announced in a statement Saturday that it would step up operations against military bases, convoys and Afghan officials, including members of the peace council working to reconcile with top insurgent leaders. The offensive begins each year after a winter lull in fighting.  “The use of children and youths who don’t know the difference between right and wrong in terrorist attacks is inhumane and against all Islamic principles,” the president said.

Ok this is your chance, moderates of the Muslim world, let’s hear you!  Don’t let it pass you by.  Seize it, Imams, and decry such things to your assembled congregations next Thursday.  Do it.

And Muslims, if your leaders don’t speak out, you must- and then find leaders who will.