Quote of the Day: Eugene Peterson’s Abomination

Eugene Peterson’s ‘The Message’ is a complete abomination of the entire concept of ‘scripture.’  It should never be read in a classroom or public worship setting. Ever.  — Robert Cargill

Cargill is absolutely correct.

11 thoughts on “Quote of the Day: Eugene Peterson’s Abomination

  1. Sad to say, my Sunday School teacher, a church deacon, no less, has discovered the Message.

    I try not to noticeably cringe when he reads it while I’m looking at the Greek.

    From KJV to the Message on the translation scale is quite the stretch.


  2. I remember when I first read this thing, I turned to the Beatitudes, and I could hardly recognise them? Very poor colloquial words and speech! Reminds me of the old Cotton Patch Version (American Southern Colloquial).


  3. Hi Dr West,
    Would you care to elaborate more on this topic?

    It would be beneficial to our seminary students and church leaders here in the Philippines.



    • peterson’s ‘translation’ suffers from the same deficit that the ‘living bible’ of kenneth taylor does. that is, it is idiosyncratic, it gets too many things colloquially wrong, and it fails to communicate the message of the bible. what one gets in it is peterson, not scripture.

      instead of understanding it as a bible, one should understand it as a very very poor quality second rate commentary.


  4. I always preferred his books on pastoral theology. The guy really loves words and particularly Scripture, but I think that the Message, though not an abomination in my opinion, really sells Peterson’s abilities as a writer and interpreter short. Maybe it’s like reading Barth on Romans and dismissing him before you read his infinitely superior commentary on Philippians.


  5. To me, its a message from his heart, book by book, chapter by chapter, and verse by verse, as the man stands in the pulpit on the Lord’s day telling the story of our God, that concludes with his son Jesus Christ., and if one, just one lost soul comes to know eternal salvation through his delivered MESSAGE, then Angels rejoice in heaven, let’s not keep them quiet.


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