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SWAT… Fail!

In the words of Jeremiah ‘I’m no Enemy of Guns!’ Bailey (on FB)- Watch the worlds most incompetent SWAT team blind-fire 70 shots and hit an innocent man 22 times. Someone obviously needs to police the police. This was a … Continue reading

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Now Twitter ‘Follow’ Buttons Work on Blogs!

Yeah WordPress!   All the info is here. You can display a Twitter Follow Button to make it easier for your readers to follow you on Twitter.  Simply copy and paste one of the following shortcodes into a post, page, or … Continue reading

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Terrorists in the Neighborhood

Right up the road in Kentucky Two Iraqis living in Kentucky have been arrested on charges that they tried to send sniper rifles, stinger missiles, and money to al-Qaeda operatives in their home country, according to court documents unsealed today. … Continue reading

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Now That I’m No Longer #1…

And it truly is a relief not to have to wear the crown.  And now that I’m free of that odious responsibility I plan to write a ‘tell all’ book about all those bloggers I’ve come to know (and know … Continue reading

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Handing off the Baton

Here ya go Joel.  Congrats, kid.  Don’t drop the spirit stick on the ground or you and your entire family, town, and state will die!  #True #Fact!!!!

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Consideration for the Weak: Dead Art, or Dying Art?

That’s the question which popped into my head when I looked at JRDK’s newest posting titled something a bit different: Weaker Sibling Revisited. Is it really the same thing for us to say, “Don’t drink so that you won’t offend … Continue reading

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Palestinians Want Their own State

And they’re tired of waiting for Israel to ‘give them permission’ for it.  They’re tired of the foot dragging of the United Nations, and the West.  And who can blame them? Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian leader, is prepared to place … Continue reading

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Your Cell Phone Will Kill You…

Here’s more of the on-again off-again cell phones give you cancer sciency stuff- from CNN’s ‘breaking news’ email alert- Radiation from cell phones can possibly cause cancer, the World Health Organization said today.  The agency lists mobile phone use in … Continue reading

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Isn’t It Interesting…

That the New Testament knows more words for ‘praying’ than it does for ‘loving’.   Words for ‘pray’ include αιτεω, δεομαι, δοξαζω, ερωταω, ευλογεω, ευχαριστεω, λατρευω, and προσευχεω. That strikes me as quite interesting indeed.  (Oh and by the way, of … Continue reading

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Another Quote of the Day

Gott hat die Scham dem Menschen ins Herz gepflanzt als einen Wächter, der ihn gegen das Böse empfindlich machen soll.  – Adolf Schlatter

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Quote of the Day

In der Hand der Sünder ist auch die Gabe sündig.  Nur in der Hand des Priesters ist das Opfer rein und wohlgefällig.   – Adolf Schlatter

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On the 400th Anniversary of Calvin’s Birth: A Lecture by Herman Bavinck in 1909

You can read the pdf here.  I apologize if you already knew of its existence, and the existence of The Bavinck Institute.  It’s fairly new and as Bavinck was a fascinating and terribly gifted Reformed theologian, perhaps worthy of a … Continue reading

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Conversion to Christianity in Colombia: Dangerous and Potentially Deadly

Colombian Christians remained on high alert Saturday, May 28, amid reports that leftist rebels have been killing “many of their own” men after discovering they were Christians, a Christian rights group said.  The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) were conducting “an … Continue reading

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What a Pale Anglican Thinks Can’t Be All That Important…

And he’s Arminian to boot!  If he had lived alongside Calvin in Geneva, he would have been Servertus-ized (and justly!).  Hence, what the pale Anglican writes is just uninteresting and trivial. The wolf may well howl at the moon- but … Continue reading

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John Calvin, on Joel Watts

Calvin wasn’t just a good theologian and exegete, he was something of a forward looking Prophet!  Buried deep within one of his commentaries is actually a note predicting the appearance of Joel Watts!!!!  But don’t take my word for it- … Continue reading

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Just after midnight Monday, convoys of buses carrying 1,600 Jewish worshippers began driving into Nablus in waves for prayers at Joseph’s Tomb. Escorted by olive-drab army jeeps and dozens of ground troops, it was the biggest group to reach the … Continue reading

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‘None of the Above’

That’s the ideal Republican candidate.  And that’s precisely who I’ll be voting for in 2012.

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Americano-centrism and the Death of bin Laden

Steve Inskeep had a fascinating interview with a Pakistani intellectual this morning which highlighted, I think, the problem we face today.  That is, our tendency, as Americans, to think that the whole world revolves around us. This point was made … Continue reading

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How Can a Christian Be, at the same time, A Loyal Citizen of a National State and a Loyal Member of the Universal Church?

In 1942 Karl Barth was asked that question in a letter from an American Pastor.  In October Barth replied in a lengthy note (which also answered other questions the unknown Pastor asked.  Barth simply addressed the letter to a ‘dear … Continue reading

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Dueling Hate Groups: When Hate Meets Hate

What do you get when you cross the KKK with Westboro (not) Baptist (not) Church?  Hate in a mirror. Protesting members of the controversial Westboro Baptist Church were met with an unlikely group of counter-protesters Monday at Arlington Cemetery.  Hours … Continue reading

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