Bonhoeffer Knew it Too: Sometimes Tyrants Have to be Eliminated

And it may be time for the United States military or NATO or the Arab League or someone to remove Gadhafi before more needless deaths take place because of his evil insanity.

He’s asking for a cease fire but anyone who knows how he acts knows he’s simply trying to buy time.  So it’s time for him to be taken out.  It is, to be fair, the only way to save more lives.  The countless number dying because those able to eliminate him haven’t done so are witnesses against the West’s inaction and may rise on the day of judgment and ask our governments why they didn’t stop the monster when they easily could have done so.

He should be given 8 hours to surrender himself to French authorities (or whoever, I don’t really care) and if he doesn’t he should be removed by force and if he or his underlings put up a fight he should be killed so that lives may be spared.  Bonhoeffer knew it too.  Sometimes, tyrants have to be eliminated.

Every day that we delay more people die.  Loathing violence while letting violent men murder innocent people is a betrayal of the spirit of peace.  It is better for one man to die than an entire country be engulfed in flames.

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