BiblioBlog Rankings

Joel is now so close to being #1 that he only needs to be better than over 2,000 websites to overtake me! That’s close…

As to the rest- well God bless ’em, the #3 is nearly 70,000 spots away and the others even further.


That’s right naysayers, I’m still oodles more popular than you!  Maybe one day (in the next 2000 months) Joel can scratch his way to the top and proudly display this:

Here are your rankings for the month of April: Rank Blogger Blog Name Alexa Rank 1 Jim West Zwinglius Redivivus 70214 2 Joel L. Watts Unsettled Christianity  72665 3 James McGrath Exploring Our Matrix 139095 4 John Loftus Debunking Christianity 153672 5 Matthew and Madeleine MandM 155353 6 Brian LePort Near Emmaus: Christ and Text 157409 7 Dan Wallace Contra Mundane 179712 8 Marc Cortez Scientia et Sapientia 196246 9 Airton José da Silva Observat … Read More

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