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When Did Pat Robertson Move to Taiwan? The Strange Tale of the Self Proclaimed Prophet

Taiwanese authorities have threatened to fine a self-proclaimed prophet unless he removes remarks from his blog predicting an “apocalyptic quake” that triggered panic preparations among numerous followers.  “Issuing unauthorised forecasts on earthquakes is punishable by a fine” of up to … Continue reading

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Superman Dustup?

Apparently Superman ‘plans to renounce his US citizenship‘. Might I say, geeky people all consumed with consternation, that 1- Superman is fictional 2- Fictional characters aren’t real citizens 3- Superman can’t renounce what he doesn’t have 4- because he can’t … Continue reading

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Cam Newton Goes First in the NFL Draft

This raises the inevitable question- how much did the team have to pay Newton’s dad for his services?

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Total Depravity: The Band Leader and his Victim

A former high school band teacher in North Carolina was arrested on sex charges after a young woman wrote in an essay in her college newspaper that he got her pregnant – and took her to get an abortion – … Continue reading

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The Most Moving Account of the Tuscaloosa Tornado

Listen to this story when you can.  It’s remarkably touching and faith inspiring. Michele Norris speaks with Reginald Eppes, who survived the deadly tornado in Tuscaloosa, Ala., with his wife Danielle and three sons, RJ, James and Joel. Reginald is … Continue reading

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Speaking of the Lunacy of Münster…

This is the most fantastic historical novel I’ve ever read on the subject.  Q, by Luther Blissett. It’s just enthralling. You won’t be able to put it down.  Get it from Amazon for a paltry $6.  You won’t regret it.  … Continue reading

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More Pastoral Misconduct: Another Thieving Perverted Parson

A Roman Catholic priest in Connecticut has been sentenced to three years in prison after pleading no contest to stealing more than $1 million in church money and spending it on male escorts and a lavish lifestyle. Pervert. The Rev. … Continue reading

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A Laudable Essay by Megan Bishop Moore

In Bible and Interpretation.  I liked it.  Especially this section which is very thought provoking indeed- Biblical Studies runs the risk of being an outlier in this pursuit if it (or the department) fosters the impression that knowing about the … Continue reading

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Just Des[s]erts (via Εις Δοξαν)

Some people just need a good thrashing, it’s true. ‘Spare the rod, spoil the heretical lying deceiving hate-mongering reprobate’. It seems that a member of the Westboro Baptist Church Synagogue of Satan got a little more than he expected in … Continue reading

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The Latest on the Southern Storms

This is so very sad- so many lives have been affected- Death toll has now reached 249. AL-162, TN-33, GA-14, MS-32, VA-8. This is the 3rd deadliest outbreak post 1930s. – The Weather Channel

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Oil Profits Are Skyrocketing Faster than Pump Prices!

And that’s saying something! Exxon Mobil and Royal Dutch Shell today reported first-quarter profit increases of 69 percent and 30 percent, respectively, from the same period last year. With rising gas and oil prices, analysts expected the five biggest oil … Continue reading

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A Fascinating Sounding Forthcoming Volume: Biblical History and Israel’s Past: The Changing Study of the Bible and History

Although scholars have studied ancient Israel for centuries, their purpose has for much of that time been primarily to illuminate and clarify the biblical story. In Biblical History and Israel’s Past Megan Bishop Moore and Brad E. Kelle describe how … Continue reading

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The Latest on the Southern Storms

Death toll climbs to 213. 131 in AL…30 in TN…32 in MS…12 in GA….8 in VA. Deadliest #tornado outbreak since Apr. 3-4, 1974.  — The Weather Channel twitter feed. Tragic.

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Zwingli: On ‘Bladdergebet’

Pay attention to the fact that he [i.e., Jesus] warns us against using too many words and yet also commands us to pray without ceasing in Luke 11 and 18.  So, to pray cannot mean to ‘pour words out’ because … Continue reading

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The Secret Life of Joel Watts

Sure, you know him as blogger #2, but Joel has a secret life, as this story shows painfully clearly.  Tragically, Joel’s secret life is a life of both crime and bizarre behavior… see for yourself- Got milk?  How about 26 … Continue reading

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‘Telling Tales’: The 400th Anniversary of the KJV DVD rom From Sheffield

Is available now for folk in the United Kingdom- The General Edition includes: EXHIBITION MATERIALS: 12 print-ready panel designs telling the story of King James’ Bible from its origins to its contemporary impact (plus a child-friendly supplement); ADDITIONAL INFORMATION (topical ‘find-out-more’, glossary, … Continue reading

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Jesus Walked on the Water…

And the Russian mathematician wondered how he did it… The reclusive Russian maths genius who solved one of the world’s most perplexing mysteries said in a rare interview Thursday that he began his training by figuring out how Jesus walked … Continue reading

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German Police Don’t Play Around…

A German woman who had escaped without serious injury from a dog attack was accidentally shot by police while she hid from the animal behind a door, police said on Wednesday.  Police in Berlin shot the dog dead, but a … Continue reading

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Boy, Let’s Hope So!

The storms that rolled through yesterday and last night have damaged some of the schools in the area and consequently, several are closed. That bit of background to explain why this note was posted on the local news channel’s Facebook … Continue reading

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Video of the Massive Tuscaloosa Tornado

This was such a destructive storm.  It’s just mind numbing.  If you haven’t seen the monster unleashed, you can here.  If you’re the praying sort, then please pray for the families of the victims of the storms across the South.  … Continue reading

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