The Danish ‘Muhammed’ Cartoonist is on Trial in Jordan (in Absentia)

Kurt Westergaard, one of the cartoonists of th...

A Jordanian court has begun blasphemy proceedings against Danish artist Kurt Westergaard for a controversial cartoon he drew of the Prophet Mohammed.  “A court in Amman began today the trial in absentia of those who insulted the Prophet, including Westergaard and Danish newspapers which published his offensive cartoon,” said Tareq Hawamdeh, lawyer for local journalists and activists who brought the suit. The proceeding started on April 25.  “Judge Nathir Shehadeh adjourned the trial until May 8 to hear the witnesses,” Mr. Hawamdeh said in a statement.In 2005, Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten ran a feature with several different artists’ drawings under the heading “Faces of Mohammed.” The most controversial of the cartoons was Mr. Westergaard’s depicting the Prophet Mohammed with a bomb in his turban.

So the insane Terry Jones isn’t the only person of questionable intelligence when it comes to silly ‘trials’ based on nothing more than religious bigotry.  So, how many who denounced Jones will now denounce Jordan as roundly?  I’d wager very few.   Shame on Jordan nonetheless for fanning the flames of hate.

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One thought on “The Danish ‘Muhammed’ Cartoonist is on Trial in Jordan (in Absentia)

  1. Michael Acidri 26 Apr 2011 at 7:19 am

    How daft of westergaard not to know the second of the ten commandments that thou shalt not make a graven image of…(wait a minute) Huh, uh muhammed? Now i thought there was only one …umm.
    I really hope the religion of peace offers him grace and mercy as they often do.


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