Say Goodbye to Sock Puppetry and Hello to Prosecution, Anonymous Cowards

In a Bill signed into law this week it prohibits using a false identity to otherwise annoy, slander, libel or harass anyone on the Internet. Some who are posters on Blogs decry this because they say that that it is a violation of free speech, unfair and it should not be a Federal Crime.

Indeed interesting comments. Yet chances are we have all be slandered and libeled on the Internet by vindictive, nut cases. If we own companies, we have had competitors do this. Most often someone will make up something and make a fake name and try to destroy your brand name, personal integrity out of jealousy, competitiveness or simply spite.

If such slanderous attacks and libel were to be stopped all at once, we could have better quality communication and maybe people would not be so fast to attack someone if they knew it could be traced back to them? The Internet is the greatest communication device in the history of the human endeavor, we need to protect its integrity, so people should use their true identity, especially if they wish to slam another or libel them. Think how upset you were last time someone attacked you?  Article Source:

Bad news for the cowards slithering behind anonymity.  Good news for everyone else.

One thought on “Say Goodbye to Sock Puppetry and Hello to Prosecution, Anonymous Cowards

  1. bobcargill 26 Apr 2011 at 3:22 pm

    new york is pushing one too, with a bunch of co-sponsors:

    california has already passed this law.


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