I’ve Got Eschatology on My Mind

Thanks to the numerous (dilettantish) news reports and blog entries on the topic.  So I thought it only fitting that I mention a very fine book which was nicely reviewed by Wayne Furcha-

Walter E. Meyer, Huldrych Zwinglis Eschatologie, Reformatorische Wende, Theologie und Geschichtsbild des Zürcher Reformators im Lichte seines theologischen Ansatzes.

Don’t panic- the review is in English even though the book was written in German.

The author posits eschatology as the framework within which Zwingli’s work as theologian and pastor can be most fully appreciated. If rightly perceived, eschatology sheds new light on Zwingli’s significance as a 16th Century theologian, and corrects many a faulty assessment of him.

Read the whole. Furcha does a good job pointing out the book’s contents and arguments and he does a good job as well at pointing out it’s several technical failures.

2 thoughts on “I’ve Got Eschatology on My Mind

  1. Michael Acidri 26 Apr 2011 at 10:55 am

    I can bet zwingli was a premillenialist. 🙂


    • Jim 26 Apr 2011 at 10:59 am

      you can bet whatever you like but youre 100% wrong.


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