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Glee: A 90 Minute Recruiting Poster for Homosexuality

365/345 glee

ABC has the story about the Glee episode presently (as I type, and watch) on.  Glee started out as one of my favorite shows but the last half dozen episodes or so it has become little more than a recruiting poster for homosexuality.

To be sure, there are gay characters on tv and in life there are real gays (!).  And certainly, bullying anyone is a sickening thing.  But honestly, the producers of Glee are on a crusade which isn’t suited to tv- it belongs in the debate halls of college campuses and high schools and in legislative bodies.  On tv, the claims of the agenda drivers can’t be answered.  TV is a one way street and that never fosters discussion or honesty.

Indeed, Ryan Murphy and the others responsible for Glee’s course are themselves acting as bullies- forcing others to adopt their view or seem inferior and ‘less enlightened’.  Sure, we can turn the show off but why should we have to?

Glee has transformed itself from pleasant entertainment to bullying agenda driven recruiting.

Another Reason Not to Waste Your Time Online Gaming

You could be one of the tragic people whose very personal data has been stolen.

Sensitive personal details of tens of millions of internet users have been stolen by hackers in one of the biggest ever cases of data theft, it has emerged.

Now instead of only being a sad geek, you’ve opened yourself up to identity theft.

Fraudsters have obtained data on millions of online video gamers – including three million Britons – after targeting Sony’s PlayStation Network. The electronics giant is contacting around 70 million customers warning that details including their names, addresses, dates of birth, passwords and security questions have been stolen. Sony also admitted that the hackers may have gained access to people’s credit card details.

That’ll teach ya!

More Unprovenanced ‘Ancient Manuscripts’ ‘Found’…

Yeah right…  Michael does a good job calling for sanity.

The AP is reporting that seven ancient manuscripts have been recovered by smugglers by Jordanian officials. The press report seems a bit sensationalistic, but here it is with my comments in red:  …

Yes red, just like Jesus!

Who Minds the Minders?

A passenger screener at Philadelphia International Airport is facing charges that he distributed more than 100 images of child pornography via Facebook, records show.  Federal agents also allege that Transportation Safety Administration Officer Thomas Gordon Jr. of Philadelphia, who routinely searched airline passengers, uploaded explicit pictures of young girls to an Internet site on which he also posted a photograph of himself in his TSA uniform.

What a creep.  He even looks the part.  Despicable.

Say Goodbye to Sock Puppetry and Hello to Prosecution, Anonymous Cowards

In a Bill signed into law this week it prohibits using a false identity to otherwise annoy, slander, libel or harass anyone on the Internet. Some who are posters on Blogs decry this because they say that that it is a violation of free speech, unfair and it should not be a Federal Crime.

Indeed interesting comments. Yet chances are we have all be slandered and libeled on the Internet by vindictive, nut cases. If we own companies, we have had competitors do this. Most often someone will make up something and make a fake name and try to destroy your brand name, personal integrity out of jealousy, competitiveness or simply spite.

If such slanderous attacks and libel were to be stopped all at once, we could have better quality communication and maybe people would not be so fast to attack someone if they knew it could be traced back to them? The Internet is the greatest communication device in the history of the human endeavor, we need to protect its integrity, so people should use their true identity, especially if they wish to slam another or libel them. Think how upset you were last time someone attacked you?  Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/125832

Bad news for the cowards slithering behind anonymity.  Good news for everyone else.

The Death of Common Sense

The obituary is here, where the death of common sense is on display in a glass case like Stalin in the Kremlin.  It’s not at all surprising that it appears in the pages of BAR.  It’s the natural burial ground for such ‘scholarship of misrepresentation and willful misprision.

Satan Gets a Nose Job

And a makeover.  Because apparently he needs one (like Judas and Origen and all the other wretched as is so popularly faddish these days).  Enjoy.

Quote of the Day

Breaking News: Tambourine discovered in Jerusalem excavation confirms that Josiah didn’t just have a religious reform. He had a revival.  — Eric Welch

Textual Criticism of the Greek New Testament

With thanks to Jim Barr for pointing this out on FB.

English Guide to the Various Readings. A complete collation of Greek readings adopted by Stephens, Beza, Elzevir, Griesbach, Lachmann, Tischendorf, Tregelles, Alford, Wordsworth, Westcott & Hort, Nestle-Aland, and Hodges & Farstad, compared with the text underlying the King James Version.


Other Resources on the Greek Text

And much more. Check it out.

Phrases That Make me Laugh Uncontrollably…

This one just popped up on the Google news alerts-

The May/June 2011 issue of the authoritative Biblical Archaeology Review (BAR), contains an article, “The Lion and the Flea,” in which BAR’s editor, Hershel Shanks, writes: “J’accuse! I accuse the television program 60 Minutes of unethical and irresponsible reporting.”

Authoritative!!!!!!  The ‘authoritative BAR’ !!!!  HA!  Authoritative to who?  To casual readers who don’t mind getting their ‘biblical archaeology’ spoon fed to them from the point of view of a pro-Israel rag amidst adverts for antiquities (real and fake) taken from God only knows where.

Authoritative… please.  If you want reliable and truly authentically authoritative archaeological news, subscribe to Near Eastern Archaeology.  It’s the only magazine dealing with the archaeology of Israel/Palestine that anyone anywhere who knows anything could honestly call ‘authoritative’.

[As to Shanks essay to which the paragraph above refers I can only say, who cares who he accuses of what.  I don’t.  He’s a lawyer, not a scholar].

The Irrelevancy of Emergent ‘Christianity’

Jim Barr points out this page on Facebook and I commend it to your attention.

The church in America today is obsessed with being practical, relevant, successful, and well-liked. As a result, the Gospel has been relegated to the dustbin. Michael Horton explains this phenomenon and why it’s a deadly danger.

I would be more specific since it’s unfair and inaccurate to say ‘the church in America’.  Not all churches and certainly not all Christians are caught up in the heresy of the emergent mentality.  In fact, I’ll go ahead and adjust the paragraph above so that it’s proper and correct-

The EMERGENT ‘church’ in America today is obsessed with being practical, relevant, successful, and well-liked. As a result, the Gospel has been relegated to the dustbin by the adherents of the emergent heresy. Michael Horton explains this phenomenon and why it’s a deadly danger.

There- that’s got it.  Now go give Horton a hearing.

Four Muslims Beat a Christian Evangelist to Death and Attack his Pregnant Wife

Evangelist Abraham Abera was lured from his church by the thugs on false assertions of a friend’s illness.  Then he was beaten to death and when his wife attempted to intervene, she was beaten too.

So much, then, for the ‘religion of peace’ actually being such.  Read the whole reprehensible account at the link.  And pray for Christians in the Muslim world.  They just aren’t safe thanks to the radical madness which drives so many Muslims.

[Meanwhile the moderate Muslims remain silent].

Red Flag Phrases

There are certain phrases that, if you listen closely enough, you’ll hear all the time.  I call these ‘Red Flag Phrases’ because they always indicate something they intend not to.

For example, when a woman declares ‘But I’m a good mother‘ you can be pretty certain that she isn’t and that she is neglecting or abusing or simply ignoring her children and lives a life curved in on herself.  Why?  Because good mothers, authentically good mothers who put their children first, don’t have to say they are good mothers- they show it in everything that they do.  ‘I’m a good mother’ is the declaratory expostulation of a woman who isn’t and she knows it, so she has to try to convince herself, and her hearer, of the contrary.

The second phrase that sets off alarms is ‘don’t judge me‘ or its kindred ‘you can’t judge me‘.  This phrase is fascinating it that it shows that the person uttering it is actually afraid to have their life examined.  Shame, regret, knowledge of wrongdoing all go hand in hand with this phrase.  The person who has done no wrong fears no examination.  The person who has done wrong, and knows it, dreads being examined because then one and all will know that the scoundrel lying in their heart will be on display for all to see.

Red flag phrases- when you hear them, watch out.  The person uttering them has something to hide and will do their best to misdirect your attention so you don’t catch on, and catch them lying.

Votes? I Don’t Need no Stinkin’ Votes (I’ve Got Actual Visitors!)


So yes, do vote for Joel.  He’s a dear person and he deserves your support.  For my part, I don’t need votes or validation- I just plug forward like a mule with blinders plowing a field- let the clods fall where they may and the plow cut what it will.  Good will or hatred, rain or sun, despair or joy- I care nothing for any of them.

So off with you now- go vote for Joel.  His wife won’t- she’s too interested in reading here.   😉

I’ve Got Eschatology on My Mind

Thanks to the numerous (dilettantish) news reports and blog entries on the topic.  So I thought it only fitting that I mention a very fine book which was nicely reviewed by Wayne Furcha-

Walter E. Meyer, Huldrych Zwinglis Eschatologie, Reformatorische Wende, Theologie und Geschichtsbild des Zürcher Reformators im Lichte seines theologischen Ansatzes.

Don’t panic- the review is in English even though the book was written in German.

The author posits eschatology as the framework within which Zwingli’s work as theologian and pastor can be most fully appreciated. If rightly perceived, eschatology sheds new light on Zwingli’s significance as a 16th Century theologian, and corrects many a faulty assessment of him.

Read the whole. Furcha does a good job pointing out the book’s contents and arguments and he does a good job as well at pointing out it’s several technical failures.

The Latest Issue of Atiqot

Eliot Braun (of the IAA) writes

Dear Colleagues,

It is with pleasure I can notify you that ‘Atiqot 66, the Journal of the Israel Antiquities Authority, is now online in pdf format. You may download it at the IAA website.

Eliot Braun, Ph D

Joel’s Day Job

Sometimes people are surprised when they discover that Joel Watts’ day job is sign maker.  He’s famous around the world for producing the most magnificent (if not altogether grammatical) signs.  Check out some of his handiwork!

Franklin Graham Has Apocalyptic Misconceptions

On ABC’s “This Week,” the Rev. Franklin Graham was wrong when he said that earthquakes, wars and famines are occurring “with more frequency and more intensity.”  The preacher, who is the son of the Rev. Billy Graham and president and CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, discussed the prophecy of Armageddon with host Christiane Amanpour during a special Easter edition of the Sunday talk show.

Alas… why dispensationalism is so widespread is such a mystery.  It is utterly without biblical foundation and nothing more the wild imaginings of a 19th century guy who wasn’t much of a biblical scholar by any stretch of the imagination.  The biblical dictum ‘they prefer to believe a lie’ is certainly true when it comes to most people and their understanding of eschatology.

So it’s not at all surprising that Graham (and all those dispensationalists who believe as he does) is just dead wrong.

Graham, April 24: I believe we are in the latter days of this age. When I say “latter days,” could it be the last hundred years or the last thousand years or the last six months? I don’t know.

But the Bible, the things that the Bible predicts, earthquakes and famines, nation rising against nation, we see this happening with more frequency and more intensity.

And FactCheck notes

On all three counts, the preacher is wrong. Today’s famines and armed conflicts are fewer and relatively smaller than those in the last century, and the frequency of major earthquakes has remained about the same.

Do read the whole- and if you’re a dispensationalist, for the love of truth, toss out your Hal Lindsay, your Tim LaHaye, and all the other mind numbing spiritually deceptive trash of that ilk.  They’re just dead wrong.

[Link via Irene Hahn on FB]

Look East and You’ll See the Future of America…

Because our dim politicians are too busy bickering to solve real problems.  So in the paragraphs that follow substitute ‘America’ for ‘Greece’ where it fits and you can read the press reports of America in the not too distant future:

Greece’s government deficit was significantly bigger than forecast last year, European Union data showed Tuesday, underlining the difficulties the debt-ridden country is having to get its finances under control.  Greece’s deficit hit 10.5 percent of economic output in 2010, well above the 9.6 percent the European Commission, the EU’s executive, predicted last fall.  The country’s debt swelled to 142.8 percent of gross domestic product, according to data released by EU statistics agency Eurostat — the highest in the eurozone and above the 140.2 percent the Commission had forecast.

The United States: the soon to be ‘Greece’ of North America.

The Danish ‘Muhammed’ Cartoonist is on Trial in Jordan (in Absentia)

Kurt Westergaard, one of the cartoonists of th...

A Jordanian court has begun blasphemy proceedings against Danish artist Kurt Westergaard for a controversial cartoon he drew of the Prophet Mohammed.  “A court in Amman began today the trial in absentia of those who insulted the Prophet, including Westergaard and Danish newspapers which published his offensive cartoon,” said Tareq Hawamdeh, lawyer for local journalists and activists who brought the suit. The proceeding started on April 25.  “Judge Nathir Shehadeh adjourned the trial until May 8 to hear the witnesses,” Mr. Hawamdeh said in a statement.In 2005, Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten ran a feature with several different artists’ drawings under the heading “Faces of Mohammed.” The most controversial of the cartoons was Mr. Westergaard’s depicting the Prophet Mohammed with a bomb in his turban.

So the insane Terry Jones isn’t the only person of questionable intelligence when it comes to silly ‘trials’ based on nothing more than religious bigotry.  So, how many who denounced Jones will now denounce Jordan as roundly?  I’d wager very few.   Shame on Jordan nonetheless for fanning the flames of hate.